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標題: [MD] Gens32 Surreal Update [打印本頁]

作者: 天下布武    時間: 2008-11-2 12:55     標題: [MD] Gens32 Surreal Update

Gens32_Surreal_v1_79 Ghost

1)Rewrite Gens32 Filter I.
2)Rewrite Gens32 Filter II.
3)Added a speed up engine.Only worked when sound enabled. ... &extra=page%3D1
作者: 天下布武    時間: 2010-8-15 01:31

Gens32 v1.86 Recall

- Rewrite Super TV Filter. Make it more like some TV set.
- Rewrite Gens32 Filter IV.
- Adjust sounds,try to make it more like real hardware.
- Add a noise effect while reading SEGA CD.
- Remove soundrate stuff.
- Remove OpenGL stuff,since it's so hard to got a SDK
作者: 天下布武    時間: 2010-10-1 20:55

Gens32 v1.87 Gen3D

- Add Red-Blue 3D glasses support.
- Rewrite some filters.
作者: 天下布武    時間: 2010-10-4 20:26

Gens32 Surreal v1.88 Std

- Update GEN 3D system.
- Try to fix sounds problem.
作者: 天下布武    時間: 2010-10-7 19:46

Gens32 Surreal v1.88 Se

- Restor sound rate config.
- Add "2xSai" filter support.
- Replace "Gens32 2X" with "ACOMPAL 2xQCa".This filter can 2x the image without color changeing.
- Replace "Gens32 Filter V" with "ACOMPAL 2XQCa720",which is a "hack version" of 2xQCa.
- Add video safe mode,turn on this may fixed out some video card's problem.

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