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標題: Race Driver: GRID™ Downloadable content [打印本頁]

作者: Enzo    時間: 2008-11-2 17:19     標題: Race Driver: GRID™ Downloadable content

The first downloadable content pack for Race Driver: GRIDTM, thesummer’s hit game that made racing exciting again, is coming thisautumn. The ‘8 Ball’ pack includes two new online events and eight stunning new cars:
All eight cars will be available to drive in the game’s ‘Race Day’ modeand online races. In addition to the cars, the pack will make two newmultiplayer events available, set on existing circuits from across RaceDriver: GRID’s three continents and to test drivers to their very limitonline. On Xbox 360, the pack will also feature four new Achievementsworth a total of 100 points to earn from four new competitivechallenges:

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