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標題: [Other] Joytokey Update [打印本頁]

作者: 天下布武    時間: 2009-10-18 18:46     標題: [Other] Joytokey Update

Ver4.1 (2009年10月)

PayPal からの支払いにも対応しました。
作者: 天下布武    時間: 2010-8-15 01:32

Ver4.5.3 (2010年5月)

作者: 天下布武    時間: 2010-9-19 12:51

What's new in version 4.6

* You can choose the default behavior when the target application switches to non-associated program.

* When you temporarily switch to the virtual joystick configuration while some button is being pressed, the pressed state will be kept without release-action, if its original key config and the new key config are the same.

(e.g. if the arrow key is assigned for both the joystick1 config and the virtual joystick3 config, then switching between joystick1 and joystick3 won't trigger unnecessary release event)

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