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標題: [Arcade] Nebula v2.25b [打印本頁]

作者: 天下布武    時間: 2007-2-19 04:02     標題: [Arcade] Nebula v2.25b

While I finish nebula 2.26, here is a quick update to thank the people that donated me a PGM mainboard and the cart to extract the Knights of Valour Super Heroes internal protection program. Thanks to the people at BOBO KOV WORLD ( for the donation and happy new chinese year to everyone!!.

Added Knights of Valour Super Heroes. Thanks to KOFBOBO and the rest
of peole in BOBO KOV WORLD ( for the donation of a PGM motherboard and game Cart for kovsh to extract the protection program.
Added Martial Masters
Added The Killing Blade (only Rev 109 works)
Added internal protection program for Photoy2k, removed simulation..

Fixed kof2002 and Matrimelee driversin boards

Fixed CPSQ & CPS_Extra dat files.

Added some cheats, transparency tables and tracklists.
作者: 天下布武    時間: 2007-2-19 13:41

僅供試玩, 請於24小時內刪除遊戲:D



三國戰紀 - 風雲再起

傲劍狂刀 (無法運行)

形意拳 (基本完美運行, 除聲音有問題) ...

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