[DC] Demul Update

Demul v0.41 WIP

Sorry, no english just now.  Just download and test it. If you have some questions or dug report, use e-mail please, we do not have much time to look in this forum, sorry.

Demul v0.45 WIP

- Ajout d'un mode d'interpolation du son
- Ajout de sauvegardes
- Corrections de divers bugs

DEmul 0.4.6 WIP

- alpha naomi support
- better compatibility

Demul 0.47 WIP Relese

New build changes kasayutsya mainly naomi:
- Ingeym Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper - Ingeym Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper
- Ingeym Gundam VS Zion DX, only with the Japanese biosom yet - Ingeym Gundam VS Zion DX, only with the Japanese until biosom
- Ingeym Sega Marine Fishing settings if put in biose which previously wrote CaH4e3, but management does not work - Ingeym Sega Marine Fishing settings if put in biose which previously wrote CaH4e3, but management does not work: (
- Opptimizatsy a bit smaller and smaller bug fixes - Opptimizatsy a bit smaller and smaller bug fixes

Unfortunately for the continuation of work on naomi naomi 2 and we have no dumps

http://forum.emu-russia.net/view ... 33496&start=260
Demul 0.4.9 WIP

# Optional GPU and SPU can be run in a separate thread. For the dual core systems speed increase may range from 20 to 30 percent. Select multithreading is in плагонов (beta?). Многопоточый (multithreaded?) sound may not run as expected.
# Added function render - to - texture. Rez, re: CVIII, CT, illbleed etc. should appear as expected.
# Smoothing палитровых textures. Ikaruga looks as expected.
# Fixed aica DMA, improved synchronization sound.
# Added new DMA for pvr2, Sonic Shuffle.c now is started before playing process.
# Fixed bugs in GD CD-ROM DMA corrected running WinCE GD - f:\CD-ROM.
# Optional included DSP in SPU plugin.

Demul v0.50 WIP

- new GPU, automatic sorting, modificators;
- new SPU, sound may still be bad, we are working on it;
- fixed some multithreading bugs, should be more stable;
- added fps limiter;
- added 64-bit version of the emulator.

Demul v0.51 WIP

- lots of bugs were fixed

DEmul 0.5.2 WIP

- Atomisware support
- optional multithread SPU & GPU support
- implemented render-to-texture technique (fixed REZ, RE:CV, CT, ILLBLEED)
- smooth texture palettes
- fixed AICA DMA
- added new DMA for PVR2 (fixed Sonic Shuffle)
- fixed errors in the GD-ROM DMA, fixed launch WINCE GD-ROM
- optional SPU DSP
- video framelimit
- x64 binaries

DEmul 0.5.3 WIP

- vertical shooters screen rotate
- screen filter shaders similar to Pete OGL2 plugins (find examples at gpu)
- spu sync and buffer options
- added all NAOMI/NAOMI2 dumps (not tested at all)
- autosave SRAM/EEPROM settings
- FLASH file autocreation
- fixed sound in most arcade games
- added multiple ROM path support

Demul 0.5.5

* New GPU plugin gpuDXv3 under DirectX9 in shaders. To work Naomi1/Dreamcast/Atomiswave need support Shader 2.0. To work Naomi2 need support Shader 3.0.
* New GPU plugin gpuDXLegacy under DirectX9 on fixed functions. To use shaders are not required. Designed for people with Intel graphics, and just poor.
* New SPU plugin spuOAL under OpenAL interface. He works a lot better DirectX version, but still has some problems.
* New system texture cache GPU plugins, changed the system of calculating the coordinates.
* Fixed bugs and made many improvements to the core of the emulator.
* Added all current romsety arcade, including data protection Cartridge versions. Romsety except GDROM-governmental, fully compatible with MAME romsetami.
* Added function of loading arbitrary dekriptovannyh romsetov for all arcade systems. In the dialog romseta click "Load Decrypted rom". For Atomiswave Roma, with crash when loading some romsetov need to increase the size of uploaded file twice.