[N64] 1964 v0.8.5 Build 27.03.2007

New 1964 build (0.8.5) - Goldeneye at real 60FPS
Attached to this post is a build of 1964 v0.8.5 which includes a modification to run the N64 cpu at an effectively overclocked speed. This allows games which ran less than optimally on original hardware to be able to run the best they can.

Goldeneye works at a real 60fps (which is roughly 60Display lists/sec), and it's like another game seeing it so smooth. Set it to CF=1 (counterfactor 1) before playing also. Other games see benefits, other games are broken.

v0.8.5 of 1964 is the only source I could obtain, and I know it is rather broken compared to the recent version.. but if you want to just checkout a few fullspeed games it is fun.

You'll probably need a 2GHz AMD64 or Core2Duo to run this at fullspeed, since the CPU emulation is about 4 times more intensive.