misc: changed xml dat detection to be faster for known doctypes
misc: hide warning about not exisiting folders during batch run
fixed: one errormessage names addpaths while rompaths are affected
fixed: progress window doesn't blank out lines when it should do
fixed: chd only sets with wrong placed chds need a 2 pass scan to appear correctly


added: adv scanner option to automatically move sets in wrong sysdefpaths
added: chd checksum option to read chd sector map
misc: don't rebuild cache if newly created dats/exes are identical to others
misc: added *.xml filemask to setinfo export
misc: improved dupes scan to find double chd folders
misc: new option for rename wizard to not rename replaced sets
misc: some text changes here and there incl. copy/move prompts
misc: added warning to rebuilder if bios storing methods between scanner/rebuilder differ
fixed: miss/have lists handle sample-only sets
fixed: "version not found issue" for 64 bit versions
fixed: merger ignored sets with chds
fixed: chd folders in full merged modes can rarely create missing rom messages
fixed: set stats count for bios only + chd sets


misc: slightly optimized rebuilding speed of decompressed files by using MoveFile instead of CopyFile if possible
misc: slightly optimized scanning speed of decompressed sets by using hash caches
misc: manufacturer tag isn't mandatory anymore in dtd and won't appear in export if empty
misc: show prompt if external packers are not available
fixed: profiler loading issues when having mess and mame xmls handy and defining mess dats in engine.cfg
fixed: utf boms (byte order marks) let the dat detection fail


fixed: rare external packer file not found prompt issue
fixed: removing more than one file via external packers fails
fixed: several www profiler issues fix:
- does not load compressed xmls when generated via php
- wrong sorting after download
- popupmenu "refresh datfiles from" does not work correctly
- not always remembering selected tree/list item after refresh
added: www profiler shows author as column
misc: changed progress window and button bar design
Thanks to Alex Schuetz for the artwork.
misc: updated unrar dll
misc: changed tempfolder failure text to uac warning


misc: support of parsing rom size entries in hexformat (0x...)


added: import/export of upcoming MAME flag "ismechanical"
setinformation's 'Select Sets' supports variable %M=1 to mark mechanicals
Split system default path "Standard" into "Standard" and "Mechanical", ie you
can split mechanical sets in an own path. Note, if a mechanical set is also using a bios
the belonging bios path is used since that binding got a higher priority
added: scanner advance option to keep disabled sets as unneeded (instead of ignoring them)
misc: changed a bit the show missing behaviour of sets which only consist of nodumps and samples
misc: correct handling of not possible profile renaming of hyperspin/offline/software list dats
misc: for now, stop parsing dats if 1st closed main element is found
misc: supporting chds in mess software lists


fixed: 7z add/remove fails for files starting with @
fixed: scanner popup menu functions to delete/move incomplete/notfixed sets got rare issues when deleting files
fixed: removed very old chd extension workaround which causes issues now with chds with "."
fixed: xml parser misses attribute name/value trimming


fixed: removed trimming of xml attribute values for now since it disallows whitespace separators for export lists


added: batcher rebuild options for always compress / never recompress and packer type
misc: updated winrar dll
fixed: cleaning parsed data always uses yes to nodump replacement
fixed: crash bug when removing full archives from sample paths


added: missing but fixable chds can get fixed automatically by fix-missing
added: append option for rebuilder log
misc: redisplay dir2dat window after dat completion to avoid minimizing issues
misc: dat export will only export active sets
misc: added trimming for subfolder rom/etc defintions