[Arcade] Raine Update

raine (0.50.2) unstable; urgency=low

* Improve slightly yuv overlay rendering, and add support for the yv12 overlay, used by mpeg cards. It should allow raine to render directly to an mpeg card if the picture on screen isn't interlaced !!! It works with a pvr350 in linux, just be sure to run ivtvctl --set-yuv-mode=mode=1 before running raine to avoid interlacing in yuv overlays. You can now select your prefered yuv overlay format from the video options dialog : don't change this unless you have problems with the default YUY2 format (raine will automatically switch to YV12 if YUY2 is not hardware accelerated for you).

* Fix frame skip (automatic and fixed).

* The game selection dialog now starts with the selection on the currently loaded game.

* dkong and frogger are supported again, with or without emudx. Only restriction for now : no alpha blender functions for the flames in dkong, I need more time to experiment with this, but it's very playable without them anyway ! They both require new emudx sound files, which are about 1Mb shorter : dkongm.dx2 and froggerm.dx2.

* Finally added a game options dialog with "reset game hardware", "load/save game" with support for unlimited number of save states, "graphical layers", and "cpu frame skip". Also moved the cheats dialog here. And you now have complete control over the fps of the game. This is the kind of very usefull dialog if you want to control raine with only a  joystick !

* Added a savegame converter, from the old allegro format to the new 0.50 format in the bonus folder (make converter to build it).

raine (0.50.3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Added support for a frogger hack which adds hiscore table, see http://www.jrok.com/sohs/frogger/frogger.html The rom should be renamed as froggs.zip. The permanent ram is saved on disk, no hiscore.dat update required. Emudx support works also for this one (it doesn't change anything in the game).

  * A little fix for the hiscores : They were loaded too late to be shown on the first screen of dkong (it starts by the hiscore table). So they are now loaded at the begining of the emulation and you see correctly the hiscore table in dkong now.

  * The cheats.cfg file now supports a new syntax for clones with the same cheats, it makes the file 1/3 smaller (why didn't we do that earlier ?)

  * Added donkey kong foundry (dkongex) : http://www.jeffsromhack.com/products/donkeykong.htm

  * Linux: Fixed fbcon support when using a driver which allows to change the video mode like matroxfb or nvidiafb : these drivers require a special handling in sdl to avoid a crash. Advice : use 16bpp at least for fbcon if you want to use raine with that, or expect a strange looking gui...

  * Added galaxian, super galaxian, and galaxian part X, with emudx support. The original sound is not emulated for now, so you'd better use emudx samples if you want sound !

  * Editable cheats, usually to select the game stage, are supported again.

raine (0.50.4) unstable; urgency=low

  * bezel improvements :
    - fixed the locale problem (linux only ?), now bezels aren't affected anymore by the locale
    - when using yuv overlays and bezels, the bezel size is taken into account when choosing the size of the game screen (the bezel was cut previously).
    - Now redraw correctly the bezel on the game window when it needs to be redrawn (previously you needed to return to the raine menu and back to the game to force the bezel to be redrawn).
    - Fixed the 24bpp bitmaps (instead of 32) for the bezels, and the 8bpp bitmaps used for some masks (it allows pacman style bezels to work correctly now)
    - Fixed the mmx causing problems when trying to load a bezel with an emudx game using alpha blending.
    - Fixed horizontal bezels (they never worked, but since I could find only the one for superman which is horizontal, it probably went unnoticed !).
  * Prevent a crash when a game loading function aborts (like when trying to load msh).
  * Fixed bad loading of warrior blade (this one uses a bezel to fix the extreme aspect ratio of this double screen game).
  * The autofire is coming back in an improved form : once you have enabled autofire for an input, the "Autofire controls" will be available in the menu, which allows you to choose a different key for autofire (which can be usefull for games which have a charge mode - I got the idea from the ps2 version of gunbird !).
  * Add joysticks'hat support in windows : this should allow the gamepads which didn't work in windows to be recognized now (the hats are what we usually call the cross on a gamepad - it's mapped as a new virtual stick on the joystick now). Notice that it's windows specific, linux already maps the hats to virtual sticks at the driver level, which means that no hat support is required in linux.
  * Fix mouse handling in bshark, opwolf, spacegun and syvalion
  * Fixed changing mouse buttons assignement in the gui (Inputs), it was cycling and assigning the wrong button...
  * Analog controls support : now you can select which device you want to use as an analog device from the gui, in the inputs section, and even calibrate it (usefull for some devices like the pedals of the gran turismo steering wheel !). This device is automaticaly used if configured in chasehq, night striker, continental circus and space gun (no more fake dipswitches for chasehq).

raine (0.50.5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixes pulirula which could not be loaded, and add the long forgoten rotating layer to it - still some video priorities problems, but they would require a priority bitmap to be fixed, and it would be too much trouble to add this to the taito_f2 driver for now...
    By the way, pulirulj (the japenese set) is removed and replaced by a romswitch to select the country.
  * The gui controls which used some modifiers were trigered when pressing the key alone (ie pressing ENTER was trigering the control CTRL+Enter to switch fullscreen mode).
  * Hiscores are now preserved when loading a savegame (which allows to load old savegames without trashing the hiscores). Be carefull though, it works only for the games which use hiscore.dat, it doesn't work for the ones which use an eprom for their scores (like battle bakraid for example).
  * Scanlines :
     - Fixed a buffer overflow for fullheight scanlines when the video resolution is bigger than the game screen * 2
     - Fixed updates of the video screen when using scanlines on a double buffered screen (which is usually the case in ms windows fullscreen modes)
     - Changed the video options dialog to display scanlines options only when not using overlays. Scanlines can't work with overlays because they require lines with a height of exactly 1 pixel, which is impossible to achieve with overlays. You have to explicitly force normal blits if you really want to have scanlines and your video hardware supports overlays.

raine (0.50.6) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixed puzznic crashing when trying to change the dipswitches (extremely old bug reported by Stephh)
  * starscream is upgraded to 0.26d, while still keeping the changes for raine...
  * it was impossible to revert to windowed mode by using the fullscreen command of the gui in windows
  * When a game had a few regions available + some cheats, the cheats were loaded again at the end of the currently loaded ones every time the region was changed !!! With this behaviour it was very easy to crash !

Raine v0.50.6 r4

Raine v0.50.7

- fullheight scanlines + double width are back from the allegro version, it's a new choice of scanlines in video options
- Took back the "pixel double" scaler from the allegro version too. You can now choose the kind of scaling you want if you force normal blits in video options.
- Added hq2x and hq3x scalers in MMX versions only.

raine (0.50.8) unstable; urgency=low

  * There was an endianess detection problem in mingw32 since the new savegame
    format was added in 0.43.4b. The consequence : savegames were incompatible
    between linux and windows. I have fixed this, and added some code to
    detect this bug to allow to load the broken savegames in linux...
  * history.dat : now handles correctly the long url at start of each entry
    (avoid a crash)
  * The screenshots directory isn't hardcoded anymore in the sources for the
    game selection dialog (uses the the screen_dir setting of the config file)
  * You can finally change the keys for the video layers, just load a game
    which uses video layers and then go to the inputs section / Video
    layers... (notice that some games must be started before you can configure
    the layers, like the cave games).
  * Inputs are now reseted when returning to the game, which avoids the
    problems when calling the gui while keeping a game key pressed.

raine (0.50.9) unstable; urgency=low

raine (0.50.10) unstable; urgency=low

  * Controls and gui changes, see changelog of neoraine 1.1.2.

raine (0.50.11) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixed an irq problem in the cave driver which was freezing esprade at the 1st boss. The cause is the new version of starscream which is more precise with interrupts, I even wonder how the cave driver could work the way it was before that... anyway it's fixed, but it could happen in some other raine games (luckily very few drivers have a complicated interrupt system like the cave driver).
  * The recent gui changes could make some part of the gui to remain visible after a game had been started... lack of tests here, sorry !

raine (0.50.12) unstable; urgency=low

  * A better fix for the problem in the cave driver, and this time I found and fixed a bug with disappearing sounds. It was most noticeable with guwange, after a while you didn't hear your own shots anymore !
  * fix 8bpp mode (when launching raine on an 8bpp desktop), broken in many places (crashes, palette, etc...).
  * There was a possibility of crash when reseting a game with f1 and sound was playing.

raine (0.50.12b) unstable; urgency=low

raine (0.50.13) unstable; urgency=low

  * us classic golf (seta game) finally works correctly. In fact it never worked, even in 0.43.0 it had bad colors, the set now requires the color proms for good colors, so you might have to upgrade to romset.
  * cps2: fixed a priority problem in nwarr when taking Anakaris. It was a stupid mistake, but which went unnoticed for a very long time ! so the fix affects every cps2 game, but AFAIK it was noticeable only in this game...
  * gui: game selection was partially broken in previous version
  * gui: changing a menu value with the mouse didn't work well in previous version (you had to use the keyboard for that !).
  * The 8bpp games are working correctly when using normal blits, + the palette updates are now more efficient (it's still less efficient than the normal games, but it's better).
  * The console isn't anymore a bag of bugs and becomes usable, you can now create scripts, and execute them from the cheats dialog (which gained a keyboard shortcut in the process - alt-c by default, change it if you already use alt !). I have added some basic cheats using the console for ironclad, mslug and ssrpg. If you are interested, read the topics on rainemu forum about the console, and see the integrated help (help command).

raine (0.50.14) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixed a problem with the drawing of some big sprites in the toaplan2 driver (not all of them, just some of them with a middle symetry, like with the 1st boss in the demo of dogyuun for example !). Very old bug.
  * Took this opportunity to add basic sound support to kbash, fixeight and batsugun from the findings by mame in the toaplan2 driver (very basic sound anyway). Also I enabled sound for dogyuun but since I don't know which sound maps to what it's more noise than sound effects for some parts, anyway it's still better than silence, and turn sound off if you don't like it ! It works also for vfive/grindstm but I had to make it a clone of dogyuun to be able to borrow dogyuun's samples.
  * Added kbash2, a bootleg with a better sound support than kbash !
  * Fixed the sound in finalttr (it probably never worked before past the 1st screen!)
  * Finally made the animations of the cave sprites more smooth when they are zoomed in or out (previously it was an approximation which showed specially in mazinger, now the animations are much better).

raine (0.50.15) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixed a bug with the joysticks where if you moved the stick too fast, some opposite directions could be rejected (left after right...).
  * Fixed a segfault while trying to access the analog calibration dialog.
  * Preliminary support for darwin (mac os x), but the linker seems to do some weird stuff and for now it crashes at startup even before reaching the main function !!!
  * Thanks to Logiqx you can now load correctly the bootleg version of new zealand story.
  * Added a few things to the console, required to have better cheats for ssrpg (neoraine)

raine (0.50.16) unstable; urgency=low

  * Mike (dx) noticed donkey kong had some pink pixels around him in emudx mode, so we fixed them, now it looks better.
  * 1st boss of ninja warrior was freezing the game since raine 0.41, very old bug, fixed too.
  * Remember the video priority fix for cps2 in 0.50.13 ? Well, it wasn't perfect, there was at least 1 game which didn't like it : 1944, in the end of the 1st stage, some boats looked like some submarines with this fix. So I had to do a better fix, hopefully this time it works everywhere...
  * When loading a game failed (and a game was previously loaded), the gui crashed just after displaying the error message (when a rom was not found for example).
  * There was a very old bug in mshh : if black heart appears, the game resets while he is making his entrance. It was a very weird bug because of an optimization in starscream - worked around it, now it finally works ! (mshu was already working).
  * Be sure to exit with a return code of 0 for the stupid verbosity of vista which seems to complain when a program does not so.

raine (0.50.17) unstable; urgency=low

  * Closing the window of the emulator doesn't trigger a segfault anymore (well the segfault was quiting too, but in windows this was producing a ugly error message, so it's better now !)
  * Fixed a stupid bug in the "next" console command
  * The video options dialog shows only the options for yuv overlay when in autodetect mode since overlays are the default, you must now choose explicitely "force normal blits" to see the scalers/scanlines options.
  * Double buffer is forced even when using yuv overlays in fullscreen mode in windows. Normaly video synchronization should be handled by overlays but since it's very messy to configure, it's probably better to force it here. If your overlays correctly handle video sync, then you can disable double buffer in the video options to trust your overlays.
  * Fixed a tremendous bug in hq3x/32bpp and hq2x/32bpp, the left part of the game bitmap was cut.
  * Fixed a crash when switching to hq3x in the middle of a game
  * Darwin (mac os x) becomes an "experimental" target. Neoraine can be built for it, and raine can be built only if not too many drivers are compiled in! This thing makes me nuts, its linker is completely crazy. Anyway there is now a new tool for building light version of raine : scan_drivers.pl in games, which allows to choose which game drivers you want to include. Once you have chosen, it includes the required cpu emulators/sound drivers. It might be usefull when building for small systems...

raine (0.51.0) unstable; urgency=low

  * Upgrade cps1 & cps2 romsets to finally be compatible with mame (I took the 0.129 sources). In the process I adapted the video config to use the amazing work they did in dumping all these video chips which were the causes of all the kludges which have been in the cps1/cps2 emulation during all these years. So in clear there is a possibility that some drivers are broken, because I can't test them all obviously, but I'll try my best to avoid obvious bugs.
     - It's around 210 more clones to play with
     - this time the game genre is taken from maws instead of being "misc" everywhere (for cps1 & cps2)
     - Use less ram for most drivers
     - emulation slightly faster for cps1 sprites, and slightly better for cps2 (I don't really call this bug fixes, but...).
  * If you tried to use the gui to rotate the screen in the middle of playing then you were very likely to get a crash if the game used priority bitmaps (like all cps1/cps2 games !!!). It's fixed now, you can rotate the screen whenever you want, the priority bitmap will survive !
  * Various bugs fixed for the console again...
  * When switching to fullscreen and you have not asked to set the video mode from the game resolution in the gui, the resolution taken is now the desktop's resolution. It makes much more sense than switching a 22'' lcd screen to 640x480 just because the window size was 640x480 and we switched to fullscreen. Also when returning from fullscreen the previous size of the window is correctly restored even if you restarted raine before returning to windowed mode.
  * You can now compile raine from a 64 bit environment. Actually it is very easy to do, and I should have done it earlier, it's just about using the
    -m32 gcc switch. Just make sure you have the 32 bit version of all the libraries needed. I just updated the guide about how to compile raine. The detection is now automatic, you just have to launch make without parameters.
  * Finally add a dialog to configure the rom directories, you can access it from Change Game/Options (1st line of the game list). By the way, rom directories become unlimited. A friend of mine asked this feature about 2 years ago... Oh well he didn't know I had planned to rewrite completely the gui before doing that ! ;-)
  * GUI : try to choose a better font size when displaying dialogs
  * cheats : if there are no cheats for the current game, and there are some for the parent, then load the cheats of the parent. It allows to have cheats for the 210 new clones, and it's very likely that they will be all correct (and anyway it's better than nothing !).
  * Raine and neoraine finally share the same makefile. To compile neoraine, you must uncomment the line "NEO=1" at the top of the makefile, or you can type as before "make -f makefile.neocd" which now includes the normal makefile.
  * Misc bugs fixed, for example a memory leak in the taito f3 sound emulation was suddenly found because the link order made it to crash the program.

raine (0.51.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * emudx dir, artwork dir and screenshots dir becomes configurable via the gui, from "Options" in the main menu.
  * Fixed hq2x/3x but in 16bpp this time. This produced a crash when trying to enable hq2x/3x after loading a game in any win32 fullscreen mode, and the left part of the bitmap was missing like the previous bug for 32bpp... oh well at least it shows there are really not enough people reporting bugs in win32... !
  * Fixed a crash in the autofire dialog for games which don't map an input with "button" in its name (like aquajack).
  * Aqua jack is now in the partially working game, because it freezes before the boss in the 2nd level.
  * Include the patch from Gelide project to have the "-fs" command line argument to toggle fullscreen !
  * All the games using a 6502 were broken in 0.51.0 because of the changes to make everything optional in the compilation. Fixed now.
  * Bezels are now correctly displayed when using scanlines : double height+double width.

raine (0.51.2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix a buffer overflow in the cave driver which has been here for a very long time, except that it didn't crash anything before version 0.51.0, and now it suddenly crashes raine on guwange title screen !
  * Loading a 2nd game works again as before (a change in the gui for 0.51.1 made this quite special !).

raine (0.51.3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix a bug which got unnoticed for a very long time in the cave driver related to synchronization between sprites and bg layers (apparently it was here since 0.50.6).
  * cps1 : reset the video priorities when loading a new game. Before that if you loaded 1941 after varth, you got some very weird video priorities in 1941 (sprites partially hidden).
  * Loading a savegame from the gui now automatically returns to game (for neoraine too).

raine (0.51.4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Reset game in "Game Options" in the gui now immediately returns to the game
  * gui: The font size is checked every time the video mode changes now, which avoids a glitch where the dialogs might be unreadable after changing the video mode.
  * Improvements to the gui, fixes some display bugs, and the file/dir selector gains a title.

raine (0.51.5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix the bad display of initial screen when using a low resolution in ms windows
  * console: After 100 traces (step, next, etc...), we had a very nice buffer overflow. It's fixed now...
  * F3 now displays wether the save slot is free or the date and time of the savegame if it's already used (default key for next save slot)
  * Now the console calls automatically m68kdis when it needs disassembling. It has a cache system to keep the process very fast, and it's much more convinient than calling it manually from outside raine.
  * When running a game from the command line in fullscreen with yuv overlays enabled, windows was producing a very psychadelic screen at start, which could crash some systems (vista...). It's now fixed (windows specific).
  * double buffer : the option gets a new setting in the video option dialog : "Even with overlays" to force double buffer when using yuv overlays. The default in the previous versions was to force double buffer as much as possible, but it was producing some bad things with overlays on some setups (screen flickering, emulation slowing down...). So unless you absolutely want to force double buffer, leave this option on its default value: "when possible", it should improve yuv overlays.

raine (0.51.6) unstable; urgency=low

  * Loading a savegame with the gui now correctly sets the savegame slot, so that using f2 to save after this saves to the correct slot.
  * The font keeps a constant size in windows (previously in low resolutions simply pressing esc on the main menu was resizing the font !).
  * the ingame texts (hud) can be made optionally opaque from the gui

raine (0.51.9) unstable; urgency=low

  * See git log + rainemu forum, quite a few changes...

neoraine (1.2.10) unstable; urgency=low

  * sound chips state is now saved into savegames, + corrections of unfinished stuff in previous version. See raine changelog for version 0.51.8 + git changelog for details.

Raine (Win) v0.51.11

Both :
- gui improvements
- some valgrind fixes (related to memory usage)
- pause the game when loosing focus. Not sure everyone will like this one, it
   was done mainly for a live cd, but I'll leave it for now.
- fix black screen in windows when in fullscreen and using overlays + double
   buffer (well all those who had fullscreen problems in windows should try
   again, this one should have been fixed earlier, but I very rarely use
   windows now...).
- Handling of urls in the history file (you can access this by "about this
- some workarounds for compiz in linux (I don't even use compiz anymore now,
   but it can be useful !).
- now supports aalib and caca in linux, totally useless, but fun !

neoraine :
- some songs had their 1st 2 seconds cut on some tosec neocd dumps using
   indexes, fixed.
- when loading a game working in 304x224, the screen is now totally cleared
   when changing the resolution, after the 1st loading animation.
- you won't get anymore errors when saving a game after playing too long in
   kof, now the savegames use lists for the uploads and not a limited array.
- ask for neocd bios if it can't be found (mainly useful for osx).

Raine :
- lots of simplifications for writing the drivers. Nothing major, but it makes
   drivers shorter and more readable. Maybe one day someone will appreciate
   this in the unlikely event where someone wants to add a new driver !
   Some of the changes are limited to the megasys1 driver, which was one of the
   biggest one.
- screen rotation was broken in cps1/2 (playing with -rol or -ror command line
   option to be able to physically rotate the screen !).
- plotting doesn't hang anymore if you try to load it after playing plgirls2
   (this one is a bug from version 0.28 and before, a long standing bug !).
- you can now exclude clones from the game selection dialog.
- roms included in a folder inside a zip file are finally accepted now !
0.51.11 : fix bad colors for guwange and esprade