[FC] Sega Li Update

01-09-07: 1.11.2

- various small changes
- this seems to be new to some: This emulator is named Sega Li, not because
  it emulates a Sega console (in case you didn't know, it's a NES emulator).
  As written in the documentation, the name is from Nintendo's old warehouse
  owner, Mario Segali (or Mario Segale according to some sources), whom
  Nintendo named their famous mascot after. Of course, for added pun, his
  surname was chopped to put the emphasis on "Sega".
- gfx: added D3D mirror mode, with joypad left/right switched automatically
- gfx: fixed D3D vsync timing on dual core processors
- gfx: made DirectX 9 optional, so it won't refuse to run with older versions
  anymore (D3D9.DLL error), the current minimum requirement is DirectX 7

Sega Li v1.11.5