[MD] Regen Update

Regen v0.3 --- New Genesis/MegaDrive emulator

Due to the elections here today I had a whole day free
so I decided to finish up some of the features and fixes
and do a release. Here is list of the new things:

Version 0.3

* Preliminary SVP emulation added. Thanks to notaz and TascoDeluxe. Although now Virtua Racer is playable but the DAC won't run(strange).
* SoundBufferSize option added to ini file. Default value is 7 because that worked best on my PC. If sound is skipping try playing with different values.
* DirectInput support
* 6-button pad, Teamplayer, 4-way play, lightgun, sega mouse, J-Cart support (all preliminary)
* Sonic 3D bonus stage fixed(got broken in previous version)
* Captain planet screen fixed
* Further FM emulator improvements. Sound should be a bit more accurate. For an example see Sonic 3 Chaos emerald stages as he picks the balls. It sounds more close to Kega now than previously.
* FM timers fixed in FM emulator. This fixes sound in some games. Thanks to Eke.
* Single line glitches in many games fixed (Road rash 1, 2 etc ...)
* Mouse capture/release using F12. This is used for Menacer Lightgun and Sega Mouse.
* Improved syncronization between 68k and Z80. Many more games now work (Super kick off etc...).
* Drag and drop file support.
* Added joypad support. Since I don't have any gamepads I can not tell if it will work. It is just based on estimation.
* Fixed Z80 interrupt timing(again). This fixes slow or missing music from some games.

Version 0.41

Massive changes were done regarding interrupt handling which may have resulted
in some games being broken from the previous version. Althought I couldn't find any.
If you find one do tell me.

* All accuracy hindering things have been removed from this release.
Because of this, this version will be slower(read: very slow) than the previous one.
* Aggressive interrupt checking.
* Sprite collision and overflow flags now implemented.(needed by Shadow of the Beast, Strider 2)
* Changed Musashi's interrupt handling. This fixes Lemmings status bar.
* SRAM support added. Many games needed this to work properly(Dragon Slayer, NHL 96 etc..)
No support to save it though.
* Dino Dini Soccer runs perfectly now. Even more accurate than Kega Fusion!
* DAC now works in Virtua Racing but is not correct.
* Fatal Rewind lockup fixed.
* Double Dragon 2 lockup fixed.
* 68000 Debugger enabled. This was the most requested feature!
It might be buggy though  
* Stretch option added.
* Option added in NTSC filer to disable scanlines.
* Incorrect screenshots fixed.
* Command line support. Only supports loading of games right now.
* Clear history fixed
* Regen now remembers window position.
* Fixed sound pausing on window move while a game is running.
* Other minor tweaks and fix-ups.

http://board.zsnes.com/phpBB2/vi ... abd4d5ee78bd337a24c
Version 0.5

* DMA timings implemented. This fixes the follwing:
- Single line at bottom in Virtua Racing.
- DAC in Virtua Racing now runs correctly.
- Legends of Galahad bottom screen.
- Formula 1 and Kawasaki Challenge bottom screen.
- Insector X intro being too fast.
- Many others
* Autofix checksum option added. Note that fixing checksum might break some games.
* Improved YM2612 emulation again.
* Serial EEPROM emulation added. Huge thanks to Eke for his very good documentation on this.
* Added Hex code and PAR(Pro Action Replay) cheat code support to cheat engine. All codes working in Kega should work.
* Fixed the following bugs(taken directly from the Regen topic in ZSNES forums, thanks to King of Chaos):
- Clicking Disable Sound without game loaded can cause the emulator to crash.
- The setting for disabling sound (and other settings) isn't saved sometimes.
- Editing the Disable Sound setting in the INI doesn't disable the sound, trying to disable it crashes the emulator.
- Clear History sometimes doesn't work, unless you click it several times.
- Clicking on an empty history slot will crash the emulator.
- ROMs bigger than the 4MB Genesis limit (e.g Super Street Fighter II) causes the emulator to crash.
- No selection for Gamepad under Use in the controller configuration.
- When you change games, you can't load in a new cheat file for the new game.
- When you "power off" the emulator, you can still activate cheats, no "No game loaded" dialog.
- No checkboxes for the selected Sound Rate, so you don't know which one you're using.
- System > Country > Auto Detect does not have a check by it when selected.
* Some unlicensed game support. The following unlicensed games are supported right now
more will be added later, huge thanks to Haze(David Haywood):
- Lion King II
- Elf Wor
- Mahjong Lover
* Emulation of system lock-up on illegal address access. Now Sonic Crackers hangs just like in reality.

http://board.zsnes.com/phpBB2/vi ... abd4d5ee78bd337a24c
Version 0.6

* Changed the Z-80 emulator from MZ-80 to RAZE as this is much more accurate and
since MZ-80 was having some problems with some games. If you find some games broken
report them.
* Updated M68K core to latest version as a result debugger disassembly is broken for now.
* Added highly customizable and fast text engine. You can change the text color from
the ini file by modifying TextColor_R, TextColor_G, TextColor_B values.
Option to make and change fonts will be added later.
* Option to show framerate.
* Added my own pixel doubling(non-anti-aliased) and interpolated filter plugins.
* Added option to not emulate console lock-ups. These are not emulated by default.
You can emulate them by setting EmulateLockups variable to 1 in the ini file.
* Changed the name of "Superfast blitting" to "Superfast rendering" as this is right.
* SRAM and EEPROM saving and loading added. Maybe incorrect. I couldn't test it much.
You can disable their loading and saving from the "System" menu.
* WAV logging added. VGM logging will be added soon. The directory where the sound will be dumped
can be specified in the ini file by changing the SoundDumpDir variable.
* Made Super Street Fighter II working. You must disable autofix checksum for it to work.
* Tried to improve the PAR support. I couldn't test it much. Tell me how it goes.
* Regen can now fool the "Emulator Detector" program made by Tiido. It can detect if his program is being
run on real Genesis or on an emulator. I could not find any emulator that is capable of fooling it...no not even Kega.
* Following unlicensed games added, more to come soon:
- Super Bubble Bobble
- Earth Defend
- Whac-A-Critter / Mallet Legend
- Funny World And Balloon Boy
- Squirrel King
- Bugs Life. Autofix checksum must be disabled for this game to work.
* Fixed the following bugs(mostly reproted by ZSNES forum members):
- Sprites showing up in Battle Tech start when they shouldn't be. Thanks to Eke for
reporting this problem and telling the solution too  
- Sound problems in Sonic 2.
- Loading another game past Virtua Racing causes the graphics to be messed up.
- Loading another game from history when Virtua Racing is loading causes the emulator to crash.
- Does not mute sound when lost focus.
- Once a cheat is enabled, you can't change the state if it's a multi-option cheat.
(e.g. Sonic 1 chaos emerald modifier, can't change from Six to Five, always goes back to Six).
* Hopefully fixed(or at least minimized) the static in sound when window is moved.
* The following things are still unfixed due to some valid reasons  
- Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy. AFAIK its a hack. I don't like to add hacked games that need special handling.
But if there are enough people who would like to see it on Regen then I will add it. Currently there has been just 2 requests  
- No autopause if minimized using taskbar button. Windows reports that Regen has the focus. I could not find
any emulator, with autopause option, that autopaused this way.
- Save states in Virtua Racing. Genecyst savestate format currently does not allow extra stuff to be saved. It needs to be extended.
- Game no Kanzume o Tokuyou won't run. It wants to write to ROM and also seems to use unused VDP control bits.
I have not found *right*(read without hack) way to run this game.
- Wonder Library will also not run. Is it really a Genesis game?? Seems to be a SegaCD game. It does lots of unused memory read/writes
in the SegaCD area.  

http://board.zsnes.com/phpBB2/vi ... abd4d5ee78bd337a24c
Version 0.7

I had some more features to add than these but due to university work I could not complete
them and I had to save some things to do in 0.8  

* Fixed a problem in sprite masking code. Fixes sprites in Castle of Illsions appearing above the window plane.
* Fixed sprite problems in Contra Hardcops.
* Added preliminary FIFO and its timing (VDP write latency) emulation. Menu in Double Clutch is now correct (but flickers) and The Chaos Engine runs perfect (no flickering on scroll). It was reported by Eke and he also helped in fixing it. Thanks.
* Fixed corrupted games when loaded after Virtua Racing.
* Improved DMA timings (Sonic 3D intro).
* Added 7zip support. Only the first file in it will be loaded.
* Added support to redefine menu shortcuts.
* Regen now remembers last ROM path.
* Rewrote major part of DirectInput code to fix some controller issues. All controller related issues should be gone.
* Selecting a window size now has a little check by the selection.
* The "Off" options are now highlighted when loading cheats.
* Default directories for BIOS (system dependant), SRM, BRM, Save States, Screenshots, etc.
* Configuration settings for the various settings and paths to BIOS/various directories (like Kega).
* Added option to brighten the screen (like Kega). But there is no support to save it because it is not
correct for all the games (especially the games with Shadow/Highlight effects).
* Following unlicensed games now run correctly, still many more to come:
- Soul Blade
- 12-in-1
- 4-in-1
- Smart Mouse
* Regen will now create the default directories and will show a small message box when its run for the first time.
* Added a special keyword to the cheat files called "Default" this will auto-enable cheat options. For example:

Name=Infinite Lives

This will enable the second option (since counting from zero) for this cheat.

* Added option to reload the cheat file in cheats dialog box. I did this because my cheat editor was very buggy and did not save the cheat file correctly. Now the user can easily edit the cheat code with their favourite editor and reload the cheat file instantly. Note that all the enabled cheats will revert back to being off except those which were auto-enabled with the special "Default" keyword.
* When there is no history to be displayed, nothing appears when hovering over the File History sub-menu.
* Fixed "Disable menu shortcuts" option.
* Fixed "Reset to default keys" option.
* Fixed a minor bug in command line code.
* Option to shorten the path in the history to game name only. Only changeable through the ini file by
setting ShortHistoryNames to 1.
* Removed the empty file history slots when less than 5 games have been played.
* Cheat Window is a bit bigger now (on request).
* Fixed Port 2 controller being saved on Port 1d. And possibly others.
* Fixed buzzing sounds when disabling sound mid-game.
* Netplay option has been disabled in this release because it was way too buggy.
* Text engine uses a bit smaller font.
* Regen now directly creates and sizes itself to the last position instead of creating at center and moving to the last window place or resizing itself.
* Minor fixes and tweaks.
* Many, many, MANY new cheat files added (thanks to King of Chaos).
* Fixed many typos in the ReadMe file. Thanks to Adam.
* Some more things which I forgot.

Version 0.85

Well, this release may not look much different from previous (0.77) one but beleive me there have been many many changes.
Two major emulation subsystems have been totally replaced with new ones . They are the timing and event system and the second
being the new YM2612 core. There were many betas released to make sure every game worked correctly and more accurately than ever.
Though its true that I haven't implemented some front-end related feature requests because I didn't wanted to delay this release
any longer. I am sorry for that.

* Totally rewrote timing code and implemented a new event system. I think this new code is very close to being 100% accurate.
Although Regen still emulates line-by-line this code will give results that can only be achieved by running the emulator cycle-by-cycle.
This code is not slow either. In fact, it may be *faster* than the previous code. This code is still in early stages but I thought
it was stable enough to released. Now why I did it? Especially since the previous system was already very mature.
Well the only *real* reason for me was that a user posted me a small demo program that will only run correctly if the timings of the
emulator were absolutely perfect. So, as you may have guessed, that it did not work correctly under Regen. But the interesting thing
is that it did not work correctly in Kega either. Fixing the demo broke many other games. But with this new system not only the demo
works correctly but also all the games work perfect (as far as I've tested). This new system has also fixed some games that
did not worked previously which include:
- Bram Stoker's Dracula
- Wheel of Fortune
It also fixes some of the glitches in games like Legends of Galahad, Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing,
Striker, Deadly Moves (runs even better than Kega) and many more.
* Replaced MAME's FM core with my own YM2612 emulator which I had been working on for some time.
This is the reason this release took so long. It more accurate than MAME's core and very close to real thing.
Listen to Warlock, Ariel, Shaq Fu etc... for the difference. If a game still doesn't sound correctly
please reprot it.
* Changed 68k timings. This fixes Surging Aura.
* Sound in Pac-Man 2, The New Adventures (U) fixed. Maybe the first time for any Genesis emulator. I couldn't find
any other emu that runs it correctly.
* Corrected the behaviour of X-MEN 2 and Eternal Champions on reset.
* Fixed the PAR finally this time. All the codes will now work Regen that worked in Kega and real hardware.
* Added multi-language support to Regen menus. There are many languages available by default. Thanks to their
authors. See the respective language files for their names. You can create your own language file too.
See the readme for that. Please note that there won't be any check beside any selected language. That is
because I noticed the list changes on every run of Regen even if no new languages are installed. This creates
the problem of check appearing against wrong language. There are solutions to it but its just too much pain.
* Changed the drop list height in redefine keys dialog so that 6-button, Menacer, Sega Mouse options are visible.
People thought Regen didn't support them  
* Regen will now correctly load Kega and Gens' created SRAM files.
* Now you can pause a game then press space for executing just one frame. Useful for taking precise screenshots.
* Fixed and improved the EEPROM support. All games that *did* have EEPROM originaly will run
correctly now.
* Fixed a small glitch in country sub menu.
* Multiple messages can now be displayed.
* Added a small program in "Fonts" directory to create fonts for the emulator text engine. Please note that it will
ask twice to select font. The first will be used when 'Superfast Rendering' or 'None' is selected. The second will
be used when a plugin is selected and is usually the same as the first one but nearly twice the size. I could do it
programmatically but I didn't because this way the user can tweak the sizes individually because the second font doesn't
appear to be exactly twice the size (little bigger) even the height is exactly the twice of the first one.
* AVI movie recording support. Don't ask for any other format please. Recording directory is same
as sound.
* Loading a game multiple times will create only one entry in the File History.
* Fixed FPS display being cut-off if in three or more digits in None plugin mode.
* Fixed some crashes especially when changing the sound rate.
* Many other internal changes.

Version 0.93

* Implemented frequency counter overflow bug. This finally fixes the one instrument in Ariel, Shaq-Fu, Spideman Animated series, Scoobydo mysteries etc.. Thanks goes to Nemesis. Fixed only in SuperHQ mode.
* Added SSG-EG support to the YM2612 core. Thanks goes out to Jarek Burczynski, Tatsuyuki Satoh and Nemesis. Suprisingly, more games use it than I thought. It is used by Alisia's Dragon, Asterix, GhostBusters, Buba N Stix, Top Gear 2 etc.. I am sure there many more games that are using it.
* YM2612 envelope generator now gets updated at aproximately every 2.43 cycle.
* Added correct CSM mode support. Thanks to Nemesis again.
* Fixed Combat Cars two player mode screen.
* Optimized the YM2612 core resulting in nice speed increase.
* Optimized the VDP rendering code resulting in another good speed increase.
* Fixed sound in some Chinese games. GoodGen lists them unknown. But they look very nice.
* Fixed Time Killers and Onslaught lock-ups.
* Improved 6-button pad support a bit. Fixes controls in Mortal Kombat.
* Fixed Menacer support. The only game that I know of which uses this is Menacer 6-in-1 and it requires the Menacer to be plugged into port two. Capture and release the mouse with F7 (default).
* Added overclocking suppport (68k only). It is not saved. Takes effect immediatly. Will break timing sensetive games for sure.
* Debugger disassembly fixed.
* DAC sound in Mega Turrican and some others fixed.
* Slightly changed the 68k timings. This removes the flickering in Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel.
* Changed VDP timings a bit. This fixes Streets of Rage intro not showing up.
* Improved region detection a bit.
* Regen is now linked with MSLU library to make it work in Win9x. You will need unicows.dll. The startup time will
  be a bit slower on WinXP and above than previously.
* Hopefully fixed the bugs with the lowpass filter.
* Regen does not use 100% CPU while paused.

Regen v0.93 beta 2

the beta is ready for testing. This mainly includes the sound fixes including the fixes to PSG (which is now more accurate) and cycle accurate sample support which makes sound very accurate and clean (and handles fast DAC writes efficiently  ). Another thing which is included is ROM/RAM switching which fixes SRAM issues in Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

http://www.spritesmind.net/_GenD ... r=asc&start=495
Regen v0.93 beta 3 R2

-Latest Regen test executable (v0.93 Beta 3).
-Required Fonts folder and makefile executable, to prevent crashes and to allow you to customize the fonts.
-Updated Readme and History files (which are updated for v0.93 Beta 3).
-Updated Cheats files, for those whom could use them.
-All working rendering plugins 2X and below.

http://www.spritesmind.net/_GenD ... r=asc&start=525
Regen v0.95 Debug

- In 68k debugger, double click on a disassembly line to add it in as a PC breakpoint.
- 68k debugger will automatically trigger when 68k encounter any illegal read/write.
- VRAM breakpoints won't work due some technical reasons.
- DMA length register (VDP Reg #20) will not display correctly.
- Channel dumping from YM2612 debugger won't work.
- Layout of VDP debugger just sucks. Help/ideas are welcomed.

Regen v0.96

- A little limitation of vcell scrolling emulated correctly. Thanks to Steve Snake for detailed info on this. (F1 World Champioship, Kawasaki Challenge use this)
- Changed the YM2413 emulator a little. Should sound more accurate. (After Burner 2, Ys (J) etc..)
- Many new YM2612 improvements and upates. Thanks to the new research and testing by Nemesis.
- Sprite masking bug in Mickey Mania fixed.
- Many improvements to renderer. Now passes all of the sprite masking and limitations tests.
- Cheats fixed.
- Palette select bit emulated. Sik's ROM fucks up correctly now :P .
- Completely overhauled Z80 handling and emulation. RAZE has been removed. It has been tested quite heavily alongside the real thing by Tiido and is very close to the real hardware now. But this has made emulator a bit slow as well. My thanks goes to Tiido for testing this. ;)
- Fixed lightgun support which got broken in 0.95
- Option added to remove flickering while in interlacing mode.
- Fixed AVI recording.
- Improved stability and crashes (hopefully).
- Option added to force the output image aspect to be 4:3 (which the real hardware does). In this mode, games with 256 pixels width will be scaled to 320.
- Ability to load SMS/GG ROMs from the command line.

Regen v0.97

* Preliminary Genesis/Megadrive VDP Mode 4 (SMS mode) support. Although there is no game that uses it, I've been asked by many homebrew developers/hackers to add support for this. Note that Mode 4 in MD is a bit different than in SMS. These little details are detailed in Charles MacDonald's SMS/MD docs. Due to time contraints, this feature isn't very havily tested so expect some bugs :) . Also note that this DOES NOT put the hardware in Mark III compatibility mode. The ports will still be unuseable.

* Hopefully fixed Sonic And Knuckles and other SRAM issues. The main problem is that I haven't been able to reproduce these problems at my end so thats why I can't be sure.

* Fixed Micro Machines 2 showing incorrect stage start screen when booth EEPROM and J-Cart are enabled.

* Hooked up EPPROM to some more games.

* Fixed Plan A/Window initialization bug. Thanks to Eke for reporting the bug (and fix!).

* Improved PSG. It should sound more accurate now. Levels have also been changed a bit. Thanks to Shadow for reporting very detailed bugs and information about it.
* Added support for RPI plugin scalers of 3x and 4x. Previoulsy Regen only supported 2x scaler, now it supports all of them. In short, all of Kega plugins will now work. :)

* Added the option to boost PSG noise to make some people happy :) .

* Added SMS border emulation.

* Improved SMS emulation. Should be more accurate now.

* Fixed "Output 4:3 aspect" not working in SMS games.

* Modified the NTSC filter plugin. Now you can instantly see the changes you make (like Hue, Contrast etc..) in the NTSC configuration dialog.

* Removed the old on screen text display engine and added new one. The new one has the following advantages over the old one:
    - Support for Unicode.
    - Allows translation of the on-screen messages.
    - Works when fullscreen is enabled.
    - Hopefully doesn't have the problem of displaying garbage on some video cards.
* Added reconfigurable overdrive factor support. Previously, this was set to overdrive the final sound output by 2. Now yo can control is fom 1.0 to 5.0.
* Added featue to control the volume levels of FM and PSG separately. PSG Boost feature has been removed. This setting is mainly for those who are very picky about the volume levels between FM and PSG. But another factor in this is the game itself. Sound in some games may get clipped if the respective volume amplification is too much. So this needs a lot of tweaking before it can be used perfectly. My recommendation is to keep the settings between 1 and 2.5 and then use the overdrive factor setting to further amplify the sound.

* Scanlines effects added. Four predefined settings are given (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%). There is also the option to set the intensity to whatever value you want (for example 12%). Note however that the predefined scanlines setting are much faster than custom one. So its foolish to set custom intesity at 50% for example.

* Added "Power Saving mode" to increase laptop/notebook/netbook battery life while playing. In this mode, Regen won't use 100% CPU. But this can cause a little bit of jumpiness in FPS/video.
* Removed picture being a bit blurry even if nearst neighbour filter was selected (in non-stretch mode). Strecthing will still cause blurrines however.
* Fixed palette problem when brighten was enabled in Game Gear games. Note that brighten may not have much of an effect on Game Gear games since the dynamic, extrapolated color range of Game Gear is close to 16-bit 565 colors.
* Added support to take screenshots in PNG format. This setting can be controlled in "Paths and Preferences" dialog. Support for taking screenshot in BMP is still present.

* Fixed support for 12-in-1 and 4-in-1 cartridges.

* Added support for following unlicensed games:
    - Super Mario 2 1998
    - Super Mario Bros.
    - King of Fighter 98
    - Super 19-in-1
    - Super 15-in-1

* Changed the detection of unlicensed games. Now you need to disable "Autofix Checksum" in order for unlicensed games to work.

* Fixed cheat editor bug in "Cheats" dialog. Previously, it would ask for more values than required.
* Fixed BallZ 3D locking up by default.

* Fixed Regen crashing when editing cheats in the "Cheats" dialog by double-clicking an empty place.
* SuperHQ option now works at whatever sound rate is selected. This means it is now supported by both 44100 and 48000 output sampling rates.

* Fixed cheat searching. Newly searched and added cheats now work. After adding a newly found cheat, they will appear in the "Cheats" dialog. After being added, they are turned on by default.

* Removed support for reconfigurable shortcuts using the INI. But you can still reconfigure shortcuts using another way. See the next change :) .

* Fixed bugs related to brighten. In some games, enabling disabling birghten would cause some colors to turn black.
* Completely new localization support. Now, you not only translate the menus but translate the dialogs, message box text and even the on screen text to your language. Using this, you can also reconfigure the shortcuts. See "Localization.txt" in "Languages" subdirectory to see how to translate.
* Added "Alternate Timing" mode. This will fix jumpy FPS/stuttering video/audio for some poeple.
* Corrected mid-frame CRAM writes handling. Mega Turrican's background sky gradient is now displayed properly.
* Added option to increase ROM space from 4 MB to 8 MB. This can only be changed by modifying the INI file and setting "LargeROMSpace" setting to "1" (LargeROMSpace = 1).
* Heavily refined path configuration dialog. Also contains other preferences as well so it has been renamed to "Paths and Preferences".

* Fixed up UPS patching support. Now it works (finally). If you click "System->Patch", it will first search for a corresponding UPS patch in the configured Patch directory and apply that patch. If not found, it will give UPS patch selection dialog to select some patch. For automatic searching of patches, the UPS patches must be of the same name as the ROM file but with a ".ups" extension.

* Option to automatically patch up a ROM if a corresponding UPS patch is found in the configured patches directory. If it is not found, it does *NOT* pop up an error message and will silently continue the game UNPATCHED. It was done because popping an error upon loading of every game without a patch is rather annoying. For automatic searching of patches, the UPS patches must be of the same name as the ROM file but with a ".ups" extension.
* Option to ignore the CRC errors that were encountered during the patching of ROM.

* Added feature to enable/disable the autoamtic loading of cheat files.

* Small refinement to the menus. The menu items which start a dialog box now end with "...".

* Improvements to the command line and drag-drop code. Now its case insensitive and now you can load SMS/GG files by drag-dropping.
* Fixed the bug whereby loading a SMS game with fullscreen option given on the command line didn't go into fullscreen.
* Added support for SMS cheats. Note that only hex cheats are supported.

* Added ROM browser. Now you select the file inside 7z/Zip archives.

* Fixed a bug whereby loading a game after another caused the new game to be ran at the refresh rate of the previous game. This caused problems when, for example, one loaded PAL game after NTSC or vice versa.
* Fixed a bug which would caused Sonic Crackers to crash Regen while it locked up the hardware.

* Fixed a bug which caused a system lock up by a previously loaded game to not clear up while loading a new ROM.
* Input recording and replaying feature. Now you can record movies in Regen record format. Then you can exchange movies with other users. But most importantly, you can now record the movie without lagging and then later replay it in Regen while re-recording it as an AVI, to upload it on video sites like Youtube etc..
* Added option to slow down emulation speed. Various speed settings are also given. From 3% to 100% settings. Useful for TASing.

* Added frame advance feature to the menu item. This feature was present in many previous versions as well but people are too lazy to read the manuals and asked me to add it when it is already there.

* Added links to docs and some important websites to the "Help" menu.

* Some other stuff as well which now I've forgotten >_> .

* Now with a serious Read Me. :D

Regen 0.971 and 0.971D released

This is a quick maintenance release mainly to fix some stability issues. As before, there are three builds, normal, SSE2 optimized and the debug build. The SSE2 optimized build should now work on AMD processors that support SSE2 (there was bug in previous release which prevented this). The internal version number of Regen executable hasn't been changed so that the previous localization DLLs will keep working for this new release as well since it is mainly a bug fix release. It is recommended however that translators update their translations for this new release as it adds few new stuff as well.

Regen 0.972 and 0.972D released

New releases are up after a very major bug related to EEPROM was discovered. This bug could cause some games to work incorrectly (Micro Machines) and some to totally fail (NBA Jam Tournament Edition).