iDeaS beta version for Windows by Lino

Added program breakpoint (SWI #0xFDFDFD).
Added output on console for user's messages (SWI #0xFCFCFC).
Added context menu at the console.
Fixed a bug in Load/Save Options (Load Default ARM7).
Fixed a bug in R4 DLDI PlugIn.
Fixed a bug in AceKard DLDI PlugIn.
Fixed a bug in Blend Effects with 3D Layer.
iDeaS Final for Windows by Lino  

Fixed a bug in Blend Effects with 3D Layer.
Fixed a bug in IPCSYNC Registers. (Thanks Yellowstar.)
Fixed a bug in 3D coordinates with integer greater of 12bits.
Fixed a bug in VIEWPORT (4000580h) register.
Fixed a bug in Texture's stack.
Fixed a bug in MTX_POP (4000448h) register.
iDeaS beta version for Windows by Lino

Add Auto Load SaveState on Reset option.
Fixed bug in POLYGON_ATTR with bit 13 at 1.
Fixed bug in blx opcode (arm9).
Fixed bugs in ldrd opcode (arm9).
Fixed bug in Palette Viewer.
Fixed bugs in Load Default ARM7 Binary, Load Bioses from Files, Load Firmware from File.
Fixed bugs in R4 and AceKard PlugIn.
Fixed bug in save type selection.
Fixed bug in path creation.
Fixed bug in VRAMCNT_* registers.
Fixed bug in DMAxCNT_H registers.
Fixed bug in 3D coordinates size.
Fixed bug in activation audio's plugins.
iDeaS version for Windows by Lino  

Fixed bugs in OAM Bitmap rendering.
Fixed bug in GXSTAT register.
Fixed bug in SWAP_BUFFER register.
Fixed bug in Rendereing for Mode3 e Mode4.
Fixed bug in AlphaBlend Rendering.
Fixed bug in Increase CPU speed.
Fixed bug in Path Selection in Properties Page.
Fixed bug in Enable/Disable layers.
Fixed bug in Pause Emulator Option.
iDeaS beta for Windows by Lino  

Fixed a bug in video memory writing.
Fixed a bug in SWI Breakpoints (now are SWI 0xFD000, 0xFC000 in ARM mode and SWI 0xFD and 0xFC in THUMB mode).
Fixed a bug when resizing debugger window.
Fixed a bug in LISTRAM_COUNT register.
Fixed a bug that occur when you load a savestate (no more lcd swapping).
Fixed bug in Display Capture feature. (DISPCAPCNT).
Fixed bug in DMAxCNT registers when starting mode is 4.
Fixed bugs in BGxCNT registers.
Fixed a bug in VRAM Display.
Fixed bug in rendering of polygons with alpha channel in textures.
Fixed bug in VRAMCNT_A and VRAMCNT_B registers.
Added SpeedUp Button (CTRL+Space Bar).
Added BKPT opcode for ARM and THUMB state.
Added Main Memory rendering (only Display Capture).
iDeaS by Lino

Fixed bug in showing SaveState's Menu.
Fixed bug in SSE's rotuines.
Fixed bug in VRAMCNT_C register.
iDeaS beta version for Windows by Lino

Fixed bug in LDR opcode (ARM mode).
Fixed bug in SaveStates routines.
Fixed bugs in VRAMCNT_F and G registers.
Fixed bug in Texture Blending - (Decal Mode).
Fixed bug in Memory Viewer.
Fixed varoius bugs like memory leak.
Fixed bug in Matrix Position Stack.
Fixed bug in Projection Matrix.
Fixed start position in ADPCM decoder. Thanks NHerve' for help
Added support for Software Lights.
Added GBA emulation.
iDeaS version for Windows by Lino

Fixed bugs in Software Lights Emulation.
Fixed bug in SQRT coprocessor.

GBA Emulation
Fixed bugs in DMAs channels emualtion.
Added SWI 0x1F, 0x16, 0x12, 0x0F, 0x0E, 0x01.
iDeaS beta and Audio Plugin for Windows by Lino

Fixed bug in ARM opcode STM.
Fixed bug in OBJ Bitmap rendering.
Fixed bug in Mode 5 rendering.
Fixed bug in SWI 4 emulation for ARM7 processor.
Fixed bug in Alpha Blending Effect.
Fixed bug in GXSTAT, LISTRAM_COUNT,VTXRAM_COUNT registers after SwapBuffer.
Fixed bug for cheats, now you can use USRCHEAT.DAT (case sensitive).
Fixed bug for Cartridges Access. (Thanks Normmatt for help).
Fixed bug for Temp Files using compressed files.
Added ROM Info Dialog Box.
Added Direct Command in OpenGL Plugin (SpeedUp for emulation).

Audio Plugin
Fixed bug in Loop Start Position.
Fixed bug in Resampling Option.
Added options for Disable/Enable/Volume Channles.
iDeaS for Windows by Lino  

Final version for Windows there is only the fix about the Cartridges Access.
iDeaS v1.0.3.3 béta 2

- Fixed some bugs in the new 3D pipeline.
- Fixed bug in Alpha Blend rendering mode.
- Fixed some bugs in firmware emulation.
- Fixed bug in OAMs rendering.
iDeaS v1.0.3.3

- Fixed some bugs in timers emualtion.
- Fixed a bug in alpha blending between OAM and layers.
- Fixed a bug closing the compressed files.
- Added some speedup at the emulation.
- Added new formats for the screenshots and fixed bug during the capture.
iDeaS v1.0.3.4 beta

- Fixed bug in Main Memory Management.
- Fixed bug in DMA channels with Card Memory.
- Fixed bug in AUXSPICNT register.
- Fixed bug in Gamecard bus 8-byte Command Out register.
- Fixed bug in ALU opcodes for both CPUs.
- Added some speed at the emulation.
iDeaS Final Version for Windows

•Fixed bugs in HALTCNT register and bios's routines.
•Fixed bug loading an external firmware.
•Fixed bug loading games.
•Fixed bug in plugins management.
•Fixed bug (ARM7 & ARM9) for opcodes that use PC register.
•Fixed some bugs in debug and memory windows.
•Added messages on console for Flash and Firmware memory.
iDeaS Final Version for Windows

•Fixed a bug in debug window.
•Fixed a bug in dmas latency.
•Fixed a bug in cpu emulation.
•Fixed a bug in OAM rendering.
•Fixed a bug in Mode0 rendering.
•Added Use DMAs latency option.
iDeaS Beta Version for Windows

•Fixed bug in Gamecard ROM and SPI Control.
•Fixed a bug in Mode4 (GBA mode).
•Fixed a bug in Matrices Stack when overflow occurs.
•Fixed a bug in branch opcodes (ARM).
•Fixed a bug in VRAM address mirroring.
•Added new Gamecard Command.
•Added Viewer 3D Matrix.
iDeaS Finale for Windows   

•Fixed a bug in swi 4 (ARM9), swi 4 and swi 6 for ARM7 (DS Mode).
•Fixed a bug in Alpha Blending between 3D Layer and OAMs. (DS Mode).
•Fixed a bug in reading Palette Memory (GBA Mode).
•Fixed a bug in reading Vidoe Memory (GBA Mode).
•Added swi 10 (GBA Mode).
iDeaS Beta Build 2

•Added support for multicores.
•Added some speedups to emulation.
•Fixed a bug in Power management emulation.
•Fixed a bug in SaveState, now the Microphone works after a load savestate.
iDeaS for Windows

•Fixed a bug in Matrices Viewer.
•Fixed a bug with Translucent Polygons.
•Added support for quad cores.
iDeaS beta version for Windows   

•Added MultiCores support for 3d rendering.
•Added data abort for ITCM memory.
•Fixed a bug in SWI 0xF.
•Fixed a bug in IPCFIFOCNT register for FiFo Empty IRQ.
•Fixed a bug in DISP3DCNT register with buffered commands.
•Fixed bugs for Action Replay C0 and E2.
•Fixed a bug in zbuffer management.
•Fixed a bug in textures managemnet.
•Fixed a bug in DS Cartridge Secure Area.
iDeaS Final

Here's the final version. Many small fixes, especially for the support of multicore in 3D.