[Utils] ClrMamePro Update

ClrMamePro 3.99

# added: added support for nodump chds
# added: pack option for wwwprofile xml creator
# misc: major cleanup for generic packer routines (e.g. scanner is able to scan 7z and rar now)
# misc: scanner nodump handling works now for roms/chds & unpacked sets
# misc: several other internal cleanups and fixes

clrmamepro 3.99a (05-Mar-2007)

fixed: unneeded chds won't be displayed twice (by CHD and ROM check)
fixed: gray/green/red profiles isn't updated in all cases
fixed: wwwprofiler version old/new detector failed on 0.111u6 0.112 change
fixed: set check for chd-only sets failed when chd rompath-root storing method was used
fixed: loading of forcezipping dat header information doesn't work
fixed: nodump chds can get falsely marked as wrong named
misc: setinfo lists nodumps with "-" now instead of 0
misc: several internal changes....resulting in some smaller memory usage
added: 'logical not' checkbox for set selection to invert selection permanently

clrmamepro 3.99b (08-Mar-2007)

added: setinfo option to enable sets by setnames in an external file
fixed: merger was broken when working on compressed files

clrmamepro 3.99c (28-Mar-2007)

added: set/chd + fix unneeded check will automatically move wrong placed chds
added: batcher: created rompath naming is now independent from logfile/fastscan/etc naming
misc: 'deeper check for fixable missing files' now supports chds, too (although fix-missing for chds isn't in yet)
misc: checksum analysis steps are shown in the windows title + some better taskswitching
misc: sets which only consists of biosroms and/or nodumps aren't shown as missing sets when nodump handling is set to hide and/or allow not separated biossets is disabled.
fixed: date/time fix crashes on decompressed sets
fixed: scan tree and nodump buttons don't get refreshed correctly after scanner advanced
fixed: batcher: profile status isn't updated when batch run was stopped
fixed: batcher: scan run is still performed even when batch rebuild run was stopped
fixed: NSIS installer got some weird issues under MS Vista

clrmamepro 3.100

added: datfile header entry 'header', specifying the dat needs a special header xml to work correctly. For example "header nes.xml".
misc: sets which only consists of biosroms AND nodumps aren't shown as missing sets when nodump handling is set to hide AND allow not separated biossets is disabled.
misc: sets with sharing errors appear grey
fixed: file sharing errors aren't listed anymore
fixed: bios sets falsely appear as missing when 'show all missing sets' is disabled
fixed: nodump handling options gets falsely disabled if datfile only holds nodump chds


misc: changed red/green profile behaviour for complete nodump / biosrom sets


fixed: wrong 'wrong case' message when using setsubfolders


fixed: wrong 'wrong placed chd' messages for removed parent/clone relationship sets
misc: minor changes for Vista and 64bit build


fixed: some wrong fixing messages when sets are shared
misc: fix datfiles, set export etc include chds and samples


fixed: file size detection for header files (rar, 7z and uncompressed only)   


added: rebuilder option to show/hide rebuilder stats
added: www site attributes can now be changed anytime
misc: optimized speed of byteorder fix-checksum check immensly
misc: replaced beep() with MessageBeep to work correctly under Vista


fixed: 7zip support got accidently broken in 3.102


misc: changed the unneeded/wrong placed chd routines a bit
fixed: crash while doing a full integrity on a corrupt chd
fixed: drag'n drop in profiler www mode fails when using a non www ini file


added: support for upcoming new biosset detection
misc: workaround for MAME .117u1 biosset issue


added: download (current set/current parent/all listed) functionality
misc: replaced biosset hacks with full support for new MAME biossystem
fixed: exception in direct mame import (when using bad exe files)
fixed: rare issue when profiler tree icons become a profile list icon


    * added: rebuild download folder after download option (popup menu www open)
    * fixed: baddump biosrom export is broken
    * fixed: some nodump biosroms weren't marked as biosrom


misc: some scanning speed increase (no yoshi, not related to your post but related to another analysing step which minimizes disk access)


fixed: clone chds in full merged mode weren't found in 3.103b
misc: changed default value for "deeper check for fixable missing files"


fixed: systems->auto detect sys default paths crashes
fixed: full merged fake clones which only differ in a chd (code1db) are falsely shown as missing
fixed: download name doesn't change when downloading multiple files


fixed: empty fix case setname prompt for some non existing parents
misc: set+case check also checks chd subfolder names now


fixed: moved chds aren't found directly but in 2nd scan
fixed: nodump bios files isn't handled separately (no green profile if you don't have MAME's mac2bios)
misc: increased max value for no-recompress buffer to 1GB
added: batcher option to auto-delete fixdats when empty

clrmamepro 3.105

added: rebuilder advanced option "skip source folder after x skipped files". This skips files in the current rebuilder source path list when a given number of files were skipped.
added: added above option to batcher as well
added: support for ctrl-a (select all) and ctrl-i (invert selection) in profiler dat list (remember to keep ctrl pressed when you then right-click)
added: rebuilder advanced option for auto memory selection for no recompress
misc: sizeable windows got some min x/y values now
misc: 'fix missing' and 'create missing nodump' don't select a chdfolder to add the found missing files
misc: speed optimized even/odd split (checksum analysis)
misc: running even/odd split only when found file is twice as big as the rom
misc: removed 'fix size' sliding crc32 window and only check head/tail of file
misc: changed way of showing/hiding main window
misc: changed way of showing the profiler on startup
fixed: wrong window title is shown when saving a have-list
fixed: profiler shows a list icon in the tree after adding/downloading a dat

clrmamepro 3.105a

misc: not using MoveWindow(..., redraw=false) anymore since it causes some artefacts on some gfx drivers

clrmamepro 3.106

misc: Linux WINE: changed systime convertion to work flawlessly (www profiler)
misc: Linux WINE: launch button bar isn't hidden anymore (but minimized). This increases compatibility and even fixes some MS Windows issues.
misc: Linux WINE: changed warnings window. It will now automatically appear if something appears in it. You can still minimize it then.
misc: several windows correctly appear at the front now.
misc: treectrl and listctrl bitmaps are now 24bit and different
misc: F2 (edit label) functionality to several list and tree controls
misc: listing corrupt containes (corrupt chds, zips...) in the stats
misc: disabled "Possible missing alternative samples folder" in the database checker MAME doesn't load samples from a parentset when no sampleof tag is given. In consequence you may need some more samplesets for MAME now.

clrmamepro 3.106a

misc: several updates to the window rendering system (incl. not stealing focus correct minimizing, warnings window only shows issues, etc.)
misc: allowing not existent sampleparents (invaders)

clrmamepro 3.106b

fixed: fix-missing-rom for full merged sets didn't work correctly
fixed: uncompressed clones scan was broken

clrmamepro 3.106c

fixed: fullmerged 'create missing nodump' sometimes selected clone folder

clrmamepro 3.107

misc: changed WindowToFront method which doesn't falsely stick the window as topmost sometimes
misc: showing warning about crc32= 1/-1
misc: removed a typo in dir2dat tooltip
misc: added a n64 header xml description (thanks Cue)
misc: www profiler xml creator allows optional subfolder scanning
misc: Linux WINE/Mac Crossover users: adding a cmpro.ini setting "Adv_HideWindow = off" helps you when you got issues with the showing/hiding of the 6 button bar

clrmamepro 3.107a

misc: systems and setinfo window got max/min boxes
misc: memory usage for no recompress is limited to max 1GB (also in auto mode)
misc: settings->unneeded masks can be added by drag'n drop
misc: updated unrar.dll
fixed: search folder for crc32 was partially broken
fixed: about drag'n drop size information was wrong for files (not archives)

clrmamepro 3.107b

fixed: biosset assignment routine assigned some wrong biossets (CVS) in MAME .121u3.