[Utils] RomCenter Update

RomCenter v3.00 Alpha 1

What's new

- new database
- new fix engine

Version 3.00 alpha 2

This is a test only version and should not be used on real files, nor be widely distributed.
Backup your files before using it.

This release fixes a lot of bugs, new (or old) features will be added as soon as some stability will be reached.
The database structure changed, you can' t use the alpha 1 bin files, so you must create new one.

Bugs fixed:
- Improved refresh speed
- Fix incorrect icon colors with some files
- Fix add/close path icon disabled sometimes
- Update and optimize countless database codes. This fixes a lot of incorrect reports and repair bugs.
- 'bad dump' icon does not appear on some files (005, 40love, astrob, animaljr ... )
- 'arithmetic exception, numeric overflow or string truncation' fixed
- horizontal scrollbar now stay on the left in the treeview
- date conversion error
- unknown files sometimes not deleted
- Empty files are deleted
- Add some reports at the end of the fix log.

- Samples analyse. No samples fixing yet and you can't actually set a folder as a sample folder.
- red/yellow/green/grey filter (for files only. You can sort by icon in the database nodes until filter is added)
- Added verion number in task bar caption.
- Speed up the gui loading (by delaying the nodes loading only when needed (node expanding)).

Version 3.00 alpha 3 released

This is a test only version and should not be used on real files, nor be widely distributed.
Backup your files before using it.

This release fixes a lot of bugs, new (or old) features will be added as soon as some stability will be reached.
The database structure changed, you can' t use the alpha 1 bin files, so you must create new one.

Bugs fixed:
- Tree node display bug
- Duplicate detection
- bug in 'remove rom': fixes the 8ballact set
- fix empty files not always removed
- fix a bug in file identification
- clean filter proc

- 'Ghost games' created in the fix process (Fix the missing files in complete set)
- games filters
- color background for roms, merged, bios, disks and samples
- display database statistics in status bar
- display selected path statistics in listview status bar
- Optimize file deletion
- Move log windows to the bottom
- Added horizontal scrollbar to log window

Version 3.00 alpha 4 released

This is a test only version and should not be used on real files, nor be widely distributed.
Backup your files before using it.

This release fixes a lot of bugs, new (or old) features will be added as soon as some stability will be reached.
The database structure changed and you can't use the previously created database files.
You must create new database from this version.

Bugs fixed:
- Bug renaming corrupted files
- Import a rom after a corrupted file error
- Fix filter skipped in some case
- ListView not always sorted
- Incremental search : hidden node are used !
- rename files doesn't put file extension to lowercase
- GPF sometimes with filters
- Empty folder not shown
- Clean up treeview refresh module (faster). This fix refresh bugs.

- Hooked parameters window
- TreeView and ListView popup menu are back
- new 'CloneOf' column
- Database node list re-done with new nodes
- Move 'description' column in first position
- Move 'abort' button in toolbar
- Use sort column for incremental search
- Empty filename column for missing files
- Fix sample option
- Move samples to sample path and move roms to roms paths
- Create ghost games option
- Corrupted file option: move to a folder, delete or skip
- Set and fix roms cases
- Set and fix files cases
- Play game
- Add new emul param (folder) to run mame game.
- Add pause option to debug games launch
- Add default working parameter line for mame
- Add sample path configuration
- Rom folder drag & drop to add several at a time
- Thread test on 'create database from mame' and 'add rom path'
- Sorted paths list

Version 3.00 alpha 5 released

This is a test only version and should not be used on real files, nor be widely distributed.
Backup your files before using it.

This release fixes a lot of bugs, and add new features.
The database structure changed and you can't use the previously created database files.
You must create new database from this version.

Bugs fixed:
- status bugs
- count in status bar
- '"' in descriptions are correct now

- Database version updated
- CHD support (sha-1) (through arcade.dll plugin)
- CHD fix (not fully tested)
- Vista compatible (fonts, folders, aero)
- Some new vista taskdialog for testing
- Vista open and save files dialogs
- Fastest path loading in drag & drop
- Update of an existing database with a new datafile
- Icons in listview
- Clean up interface
- Change database extension from bin to .rdt (romcenter dat)
- Some operations in threads

Version 3.00 alpha 6 released

This is a test only version and should not be used on real files, nor be widely distributed.
Backup your files before using it.

This release fixes a lot of bugs, and add new features.
The database structure changed and you can't use the previously created database files (Next version will include an update process for old databases).

You must create new database from this version.

Bugs fixed:
- Vista compatibility improved
- Enable/disable menus sorted out
- Many, many fix on the rom repairing/displaying/updating process
- More delete files sent to bin (can be restored)
- Fixed a bug in arcade.dll when dealing with CHD
- slightly different behaviour of the splash screen
- Unavailable/dropped options are removed from the interface

- 'Close database' menu
- 'Update database' menu
- Old databases are updated to a new version at startup if needed
- Add 'statistics' window (right click on database node for now)
- Update to Database engine 2.0.3
- 'select all, clones, main...' menu are back
- Add 'Test zip files' in fix process.
- New mame xml format
- Installer included

Version 3.00 alpha 7 released

This is an alpha version released for testing.
Backup your files before using it.

The database structure changed again and, as the update process is modified, you can't use the previously created database files.

Bugs fixed:
- Fix captions in file menu.
- Fix problems when updating DB version
- String truncation when loading path with long device name
- Empty CHD folder not handled correctly
- Refresh path always remove and add chd folders
- CHD outside of a folder are not displayed correctly
- "file not found" when importing missing chd in a folder
- Crash when creating chd dummies
- Empty folder sometime not added when adding a path
- CHD folders not updated after fixing the whole path
- Wrong CHD folder status displayed after mode changing (split)
- Empty folder not correctly loaded the first time
- Merged roms with identical name but different crc are deleted in split mode
- Can't create empty folder to move CHD
- Random illegal access error in riched20.dll

Features added:
- Split listview 'rom' column in 'main' and 'merge' columns
- Device and database icons in treeview
- New buttons in datafile wizard
- Add more progress info in log for long operations in DB
- Icons in treeview
- Device insert/remove detection
- Change some tools location
- Added bios icons in treeview

Version 3.00 beta 1 released

Bugs fixed:
- Added icons in treeview
- Full sample handling (3 modes: split/merge/unmerge)
- New database node grouped by main/clones
- Background color for merged roms
- Move document folder to windows AppData location
- Possibility to change AppData path (path in startup.ini)
- 'Reload path': unload and reload a rom path
- Add some infos from dat header in database
- Save screen position, size and toolbar
- 'Auto resize' option to automaticaly adjust columns width
- Choice to move delete files/roms in recycler or folder
- Delete file and roms (shell option)
- Change location of statistics colored bar
- 'Rezip' added in contextual menu
- Add more infos in status bar
- Log for rezip
- Miss/have games report
- Miss roms report with separated bios, disks, samples, roms
- Caesar info page link
- Autodetect devices (detect a new drive is avail) option
- Improve read only device detection
- File extensions calculated by plugins are handled

Features added:
- Sometimes unable to run mame games (-rp param)
- Change sort order when sorting columns
- Speed up 'refresh db status'
- Wrong number of files displayed in log when refreshing a path
- Rezip bug with non-zipped files
- Attempt to fix a read only device
- Clear log button
- 'run game' shortcut (enter)
- Delete file from treeview

Version 3.00 beta 2 released

Bugs fixed:
- Bios roms not used in any games (awbios...) are removed in bios merge/unmerge mode
- Bios roms sometimes deleted
- Miss/have message text wrong in txt file
- Abort if disk is full
- "String truncation" error
- "Unknown error 12"
- Two dll added (needed on some systems)
- "conversion error" during samples fix
- "File exists in disk, but not in db" error during samples fix
- Error when moving some roms outside sample path
- Can't select 'backup folder' in parameters form when 'recycle bin' is checked.
- "Invalid variant operator" during fix
- "remove roms to recycle" option not saved
- "file not found" when fixing some CHD
- "existing file" when moving some samples files
- "file not found" when moving some samples roms
- Problems in file identification
- Db migration fails to import roms and files in some cases
- "Index out of bound" when loading chd folder with empty zip
- Empty listview sometimes after fast scrolling
- Folder date not always reported to db
- Filters button status not correct after db loading
- Many small fix to address specific roms problems

Features added:
- Sample processing rewritten
- Icons in option form
- Report roms/bios/sample modes in log
- Standalone installation (just unzip)
- Added possility to set "datapath = .\" in startup.ini
- Datutil 2.34
- Right arrow = dble click in left view
- Dble click on right view= play game
- Add the last part of folder name before filenames in log
- Improve duplicate detection in sample path
- Create settings path structure when not found
- Switch sample mode from split to merge when removing sample path
- Clean db menu : export and import db. This clean and compact database
- Auto sweep database
- Remove path icon in left view when path is not available
- Move all "size" info to 64 bits to handle files and roms > 2GB (unfortunatly, zip dll doesn't support >2GB files yet)
- Faster roms display
- Listview update temporization when browsing with keyboard (-> faster browsing)
- Display log messages in status bar when log window is hidden
- Error detection during db export
- "Backup folder" size and nbfiles removed (too long for big folders)

Romcenter 3.00 release candidate 1 released

Backup your files before using it.

Here is the release candidate 1 of romcenter 3.  
This version was destined to be the final version, but some last minutes bugs make me change to this release candidate.

Bugs fixed:
- 'Open path in explorer' enabled on datafile node
- 'Clean db' disabled on some nodes
- listview not refreshed after a 'close db'
- 'check drive' disabled on some nodes
- 'rebuild all' removed (not used)
- Listview not cleaned after loading a new db
- Some menu falsely enabled after loading a db
- Custom emulator command lines not saved
- parentnode button enabled when no node selected
- db error 'multiple rows in singleton select'
- fix some log messages
- folder size = 0
- cursor pointer not always set to hourglass

Features added:
- New generic xml format
- 'Short path name' option to display short paths in view
- Name of database in main treeview node
- Zipped CHD detected
- 'Samples mode' info in statusbar
- Several options disabled if not avail in database (chd, samples, bios...)
- DB nodes hidden if not avail in database (chd, samples...)
- Search box is back
- 'remove useless files' no more by default
- 'create ghost games' by default
- DB info set when creating a mame database
- French translation (still incomplete)

Romcenter 3.00 release candidate 2 released

Backup your files before using it.

Here is the release candidate 2 of romcenter 3.  
This is almost the finale version, minus language files and doc.

Bugs fixed:
- Missing some sql functions
- Crash when double click on empty right view
- 'loading database...' displayed at startup when no database to load
- Default path on files/new not in romcenter/datas folder
- Different font in some items in preferences window
- database name not changed after a 'database ubdate'
- Empty folder flagged 'ok'
- Missing fix actions in 'advanced' sub menus
- 'refresh all menu' diabled
- 'illegal access' sometimes when removing a rom
- 'Advanced/Remove files' does not work
- in preferences, sample folder selector enabled even if merge is checked
- Some paths actions still enabled when no romspaths are loaded
- 'maximize' not full screen on restore (tried a fix, but not tested)
- Display not refreshed after deleting empty folders
- Hourglass missing when cleaning db
- 'Del' shortcut operate as shell delete when editing the searchbox
- Can't close 'about', 'statistics' and 'dat wizard' forms with 'Esc'
- 2 columns headers captions are wrong (bad name & uppercase)
- Db clones samples status not updated after removing a sample file
- Web page info does not work
- French translation fix

Features added:
- Clean udf and intl install folder
- Scroll bar and mouse wheel in log windows
- 'Save log' button
- Log roms count before and after fix
- Add 'total items' info in status bar
- Shell 'move' files
- Pop menus disabled depending of items in db (dummies, bios...)
- 'Open data folder' menu
- Cleaned temp files after 'clean db' and 'update db'
- Replace 'S' with an icon in the 1st column of roms list header.
- 'Open backup folder' menu
- menu link to discussion forum
- menu link to donation page
- remember dat and emul path when creating/updating a db
- 'Statistics' added in menu

RomCenter 3.10

- Size error on big rom
- Sometime wrong game launched when clicking 'play game'
- Hotsearch on a listview with 4 icons doesn' work
- bad 'duplicate' detection of non zipped file
- non zipped files deletion not always removed from db
- roms modes are not transfered on db migration (split/split/merge)
- Treeview layout not correctly refreshed on a db migration
- Dat name not updated when updating the database

- Releases/languages/regions (disabled if not supported in dat. See no-intro site for compatible dat)

Romcenter 3.11 patch

Bugs fixed:
- error when loading cm dat with no sizes
- datutil updated to 2.42
- fixed pocketheaven dats (format clrmame), dats in rc format have syntax errors. This will be fixed by pocketheaven.
- param/general: caption overlap
- 'File not found' during fix of filenames ending with a space char.

RomCenter 3.20 released

Bugs fixed:
- roms of size 0 not recognized (status unknown)
- listview sorted by filename instead of description
- temp folder selection linked to archive folder.
- fixed problems when importing dats with special chars (':<>|*?/\)
- Remove extension hanlder (no more needed)
- Fix several bugs in sample handler
- Fix begin by Rezip (if enabled)
- Rezip also try to rezip corrupted archives
- Create a 'romcenter' folder if data folder is not defined at startup
- Rom size sometime 0 when using some plugins.
- Zipped CHD are moved to folder
- Fixed about/datafiles info and behaviour
- Pb when plugin return non-dos char in extension (ex: '??')
- Set default button on creation wizard
- better sample support
- Corrupted flag is reset during test and rezip operation
- Database nodes not refreshed when a file is deleted
- Display name of file to be tested in log
- Import roms in a zip from a folder
- Access violation sometimes after a fix

- migration to delphi 2009
- firebird database 2.1
- size marked as 'NA' if not available in dat
- new folder dialogs
- datutil version 2.44
- msvcp80.dll included
- Save listview column sort infos
- delzip new zip component migration started
- Realtime region/releases display in database nodes
- Fix button enabled in database with an info message (to avoid questions on forum)
- Added test and rezip function in shell menu
- New bigger icons
- Abort icon
- Check if files size exceeds 255 char
- Optimization in renaming roms

RomCenter 3.30 released !

What's new:

Bugs fixed:
- Creation wizard buttons replaced by standart buttons. This should fix the error under xp64
- Files merging sometimes returning errors
- Folder managment (display, fix ...)
- Time was displayed 2 times after the 'x roms removed' log
- Downgrade to db v (this should fix some database creation crash)
- Statistics form now display correctly
- Show the datfile analysis during its loading (datutil cleansing log)
- Datafile node name not correct after a dat update

- Trap loading exceptions
- Replace db components by a multithreaded-ready component (uib)
- Created a multithreaded framework to allow multithread operations
- New 'remove zip comments' operation. This is the first to use the new multithreaded framework
- Add a 'zip comment' column in files view
- Add a 'remove zip comments' option in fix settings
- link to wiki in 'help' menu
- gds32.dll is no more needed (smaller zip)
- Improve loading datas from datafile (two times faster)


Bugs fixed:
- Loading of datafiles with quotes
- Files extension removed when fixing unzipped console roms
- Display troubles with win2k (test fix)


Bugs fixed:
- Fix size error on files > 3GB (datutil 2.46)
- Fix arcade plugin to identify new chd format
- Fix case settings sometimes not saved
- Fix incorrect text in comment column
- Fix lynx plugin (100% support for no-intro dats)
- Fix fds plugin (100% support for no-intro dats)
- Fix atari 7800 plugin
- Fix some device insertion detection problems
- Fix readonly detected on readwrite network share
- Fix network share falsely replaced by mapped drive
- Fix black toolbar under win2k (almost ok)
- Fix datafiles infos in 'about' dialog
- Fix display link infos in status bar in 'about' dialog
- Fix releases/regions/language various bugs
- Fix 4 console systems files missing in mame
- Fix some french strings

- Added multithreaded 'rename roms'
- Added ability to set the number of threads
- Added 32 bits alpha blended icons
- Added big size alpha blended application icon (compatible vista / seven)
- Added 'verified' flag support with new icons
- Added 'One set one game' support (1G1R for console, also compatible with multiroms games)
- Added 'format' column to display real file format (returned by plugins)
- Added icon for non available devices
- Added 'copy files' shell tool
- Added 'pcengine' plugin (100% support for no-intro dats)
- Added 'database statistics' panel on database node
- Added more statistics (verified roms, files, disks, bios, samples)
- Added 'check for romcenter updates' feature.
- Set threads priority to medium
- Windows seven compatible

RomCenter v3.41

- Fix chd sha1
- Fix chd detection
- Fix chd icon
- Fix chd repair
- Fix crash if 'program files' is readonly (vista/win7)
- Fix drag & drop under win7
- Fix sql error when special char in zip comment
- Fix some french translation string
- Fix some icons not updated in 3.40
- Fix zip icon for unzipped roms
- Fix missing translation in multithreaded operations
- Fix remove zip comment troubles
- Add new strings to translation
- Link to mini maws site added in menu
- Link to hiscore Marp site added in menu
- Link to artwork mrd.Do Arcade site added in menu
- Improve config.xml for 'web description link' infos
- Languages files renamed and translation folder changed
- Move data folder to 'All Users\Documents\'

RomCenter v3.50

- Move to delphi 2010
- update to firebird 2.1.3
- Add new zip component
- Lower threads priority
- Add romcenter instance detection on startup
- Fully disable form during fix operations
- Multithreaded test files
- Multithreaded roms import
- Multithreaded test files
- Multithreaded rename file
- Add pause in operations threads
- Fix abort not always work
- Fix bad error message when a path is not available
- Fix 'File not found' with CHD folders
- Fix 'arithmetic overflow'
- Fix 'ambiguous field' error when creating dummies
- Fix error when opening unavailable folder in explorer
- Fix incomplete file creation when roms are corrupted
- Fix a memory leak in multithread
- Fix renamed files listview not updated
- Fix various threads problems
- Fix test operations
- Fix cpu 100% load during pause
- Fix error with readonly files
- Fix unknown roms sometimes not removed
- Fix some problems with samples
- Fix Bad files color when missing roms and bad case roms
- Fix Invalid token in comments
- Fix problem when merging two files in some case

RomCenter v3.51

- Crash when using files dialog in preferences
- Remove zip comments done when not needed
- Try to remove french error msg (not tested)
- Fix loading files with quotes

RomCenter 3.52 :

- Fix crash with folder containing quotes
- Fix rezip operations
- Code clean up
- Fix some memory leaks
- Fix status sometimes not refreshed in treeview
- Fix roms sometimes moved to bad file during file merge
- Fix multiple row error with raine 0.52 datafile

RomCenter 3.53 :

- fix bugs in zip engine
- fix some bugs with folders included in zip (still bugs remaining...)
- fix rezip procedure including local paths in archive
- fix import files with invalid date (files dates are restore to valid format)
- display empty folders inside zip
- fix nodump detection if roms are in a folder
- Update included datafiles (cps1/cps2/kawaks...)

RomCenter v3.54

- Fix 'illegal exception' with empty zip
- Fix empty filerom appearing in empty zip
- Fix db export of zip with folders
- Fix importing roms from non available paths
- Fix double rom extension with console dats
- Fix dummy roms not created in bios files
- Fix empty folders inside zip not displayed.
- Fix remove zip folders if empty after operations
- Fix dialog box shown with corrupted zip
- Fix display not refreshed after rezip
- Fix 'missing field' during move operation
- Update Hungarian translation

RomCenter 3.55 released

- Updated included datafiles
- Fix 'null value' error during rom search
- Fix rezip troubles when filename is too long
- Fix roms sometimes not renamed
- Fix Arithmetic overflow when loading database
- Fix sample roms not moved
- Fix '19xx is not a number' when sorting by year
- Fix local share and duplicate paths
- Db optimization
- Db engine updated to 2.5.0
- Fix sample detection
- Fix sample renaming
- Fix chd sha-1 sometimes not loaded
- Disable some incoherent rom mode
- Fix exception handler when updating db
- Fix 'invalid token error' when checking drives
- Fix Crash when stopping a test operation
- Clean up engine code (this fix some crashes)
- Fix and optimize merge rename/operation
- Fix some 'nodump' problems during fixing
- Fix some memory leaks
- Fix 'filesview foreign key violation'
- Optimize db 'refresh status' after 'test file' operation
- Fix sample files not renamed in split sample mode

RomCenter 3.56 released

- Fix sample folder combo problems in rom mode parameters
- Fix some English translations
- Fix chd file not in sync with db after moving
- Fix chd as file not moved to fo

RomCenter 3.57 released

- Fix 'illegal token' if folders contain a quote
- Fix baddump roms identification
- Fix 'rom not found' when fixing chd
- update pt_br translation [Felipe]
- Fix duplicate status
- Fix 'keep rom format' parameter
- Fix roms not merged in merged rom mode
- Updated TOSEC datafiles
- updated No-intro datafiles

RomCenter 3.58 released