bsnes v077 released 2011-03-16

◦video filters and shaders now populate inside main menu; no longer have to select them as files
◦fixed 2xSaI, Super 2xSaI and Super Eagle on 32-bit platforms; still buggy on 64-bit Windows
◦fixed linear mirroring issues (fixes Mega Man X dash bug)
◦fixed RAM memory mapping bug in Sufami Turbo games
◦home folder is now %APPDATA%/bsnes or ~/.config/bsnes
◦added paths.cfg file, which will allow you to specify custom paths for any file types
◦save states and cheat files for multi-slot games are based on slot names instead of BIOS names
◦fixed compilation warning on OS X with nall::decimal
◦fixed calculation bug in nall::fp
◦Makefile now has options variable, example: make options=debugger
◦configuration files and cheat database can now reside in the same folder as the binary itself
◦updated to 2011-03-11 release of mightymo's cheat database
bsnes v078 released2011-04-30

◦memory and most registers are now randomly initialized on power-up
◦fixed auto joypad polling issue in Super Star Wars
◦fixed .nec and .rtc file extensions (they were missing the dot) [krom]
◦PPU/accuracy now clears overscan region on any frame when it is disabled
◦PPU/compatibility no longer auto-blends hires pixels (use NTSC filter for this)
◦added hotkey remapping dialog to input settings window
◦added a few new hotkeys, including quick-reset
◦phoenix API now auto-sizes widgets based on font sizes
◦file dialog once again remembers previously selected file when possible
◦updated mightymo's cheat code database to April 19th release
bsnes v081 released

◦rewrote S-DD1 module to decompress individual bytes at a time
◦simplified SPC7110 deinterleaving code
◦OBC1 should not clear RAM on reset [Jonas Quinn]
◦fixed enum-cast compilation errors with the latest GCC 4.6.x releases
◦added bsnes logo to about screen
◦make phoenix=gtk will now build the GTK+ port on Linux
◦added settings.startFullScreen to the config file for front-end users
◦added advanced settings option to disable window compositor (only works on Windows and Xfce)
◦merged settings windows into the panel approach used by bsnes/Qt in the past
◦fixed a crashing bug on input settings window
◦fixed GTK+ auto-geometry sizing
◦added screenshot capture capability
◦added exit emulator hotkey (defaults to being unmapped)
◦Xorg keyboard polling now uses cached Display variable [Bisqwit]
◦cheat code database updated [mightymo]