[Multi] Xe Update

Xe v2.13.1

[Xe] Fixed unaligned RGB flipped rendering
[Xe] Soft zoom 1x1 when speed control is disabled
[Xe] Modified NVRAM handling
[Xe] Modified RAM Cart and Memory Card naming
[Xe] YUV Rendering support
[Xe] Improved fullscreen switching
[Xe] Sub Channel support for CD-ROM and CD Images
[Xe] Playback support
[Xe] Support for up to 6 Players
[Xe] Various UI tweaks
[Xe/Linux] Xe For PPC64
[Xe/Linux] Fixed improper ALSA syncing
[Xe/Win32 UI is now built with GTK+
[PC Engine] Fixed VDC DMA timings
[Famicom] Added Multi-Tap Support
[Famicom/FDS] Fixed disk type detect
[Mark III] Fixed SRAM size
[PC Engine] Added 3 Button pad
[PC Engine] Modified Multi-Tap Support
[Mega Drive] Added Multi-Tap Support
[Super Famicom] Fixed serial controller read
[Super Famicom] Added Multi-Tap Support
[Neo Geo] Support various protection devices
[Neo Geo CD] Fixed IRQ Controller levels
[Wonder Swan] Fixed MUL instruction
[Wonder Swan] Added (and now requires) BIOS support
[Game Boy] Fixed Memory Leak
[Game Boy] Fixed MBC2 BRAM size (Thanks to Cuban D. for finding this bug)
Many other changes / improvements, too numerous to list

Xe v2.13.2

Xe updates:
[Xe] Modified Cartridge / Floppy Disk / Memory Card behavior
[Xe] Modified D-Button behavior
[Xe] Modified dialog behavior when in fullscreen mode
[Xe] Implemented Mouse support
[Xe] Implemented options to load entire CD Image into memory
[Xe] Implemented command line options to explicitly load images
[Xe] Misc clean ups and fixes
[Xe] Fixed fullscreen resizing (Thanks to F1ReB4LL)
[Xe/Linux] Fixed fullscreen offsets on secondary heads
[Xe/Linux] Fixed improper joystick button clearing
[Xe/Linux] Xe For x86-64
[SG-1000] Implemented Card Catcher support
[Mark III] Fixed save state loading
[Mark III] Implemented Card Slot support
[PC Engine] Fixed Arcade Card RAM access
[PC Engine] Fixed 6-button Pad access
[PC Engine] Implemented Mouse support
[Mega Drive] Fixed Cartridge insertion algorithm
[Mega Drive] Fixed 6-button Pad access
[Mega Drive] Fixed Multi-Tap Access
[Mega Drive] Implemented Mouse support
[Super Famicom] Implemented Mouse support

Xe v2.14.0

* [Xe] Implemented options to remove sticky memory cards / data disks on start up.
* [Xe] Modified CD caching. Sectors are cached when they are accessed.
* [Xe] Fixed cursor hiding in full screen mode.
* [Xe] Fixed playback with only one frame.
* [PC Engine] Improved VDC DMA timing.
* [PC Engine CD-ROM2] Fixed audio play status.
* [Mega CD] Fixed Timer frequency.
* [Mega CD] Fixed a bad sub channel reading bug (broken in last version). Thanks to Tom Farrell
* [Super Famicom] Fixed APU frequency calculation.
* [Super Grafx] Fixed RAM size.
* [FM Towns Marty] FM Towns Marty support.

Xe v2.16.0

Xe updates:
[Xe] new execution core.
[Xe/Linux] Modified joypad analog axis access.
[PC Engine CD-ROM2] Fixed audio status report.
[Super Famicom] Fixed affine mode priority.
[FM Towns Marty] Fixed floppy disk status. (Thanks to Parazythum for the Car Marty info)
[FC-FX] PC-FX support.
[Game Boy Advance] Game Boy Advance support.

XE v2.16.2

[Xe] Interface key mapping change.
[Xe] Added option "Auto Fill".
[Xe] Added option "Horizontal Overscan".
[Xe] Added aspect "Zoom".
[Xe] Fixed CDDA Sub Q reading (ISRC/MCN).
[Xe/Linux] Fixed ALSA startup flags.
[PC Engine CD-ROM2] Fixed CD bugs introduced by the new execution core.
[Mega CD] Fixed CD bugs introduced by the new execution core.
[Neo Geo] Changed horizontal resolution to 288.
[Marty] Fixed mouse reset state.
[Neo Geo Pocket] Fixed TLCS-900H cpu on big endian machines.