[3DO] 4DO Updated

4DO Alpha Released!

1.Audio Oddities Solved — I’ve put more work into the audio system. After playing a game for a while you may have noticed garble-ing noises. This was due to the playback getting ahead of the write buffer. 4DO now monitors for this situation (and vice versa) to move the audio read buffer’s position when it gets out of sync.

2.Audio Playback Enabled on Some Machines – On initialization, the audio playback now “scans” for the highest supported audio bitrate on the system. This previously would just attempt to load a device with 32-bit fidelity, and gave up if it didn’t find one. This will result in audio being heard on machines that otherwise would have heard none. This could be improved later to give the user the option to choose the audio device to playback to.

Bug Fixes:

1.NVRAM now gets initialized with proper structures when the NVRAM file does not exist.. This will prevent certain games like Need For Speed from thinking that there is no save data space. I did not bother changing the filename, so if you ran into this issue, you should delete the NVRAM_SaveData.ram file you have if you’re dropping this new version of 4DO in the same directory.