utorrent 1.7.4 stable(6/9/2007)

--- 2007-09-06: Version 1.7.4 (build 4482)
-Fix: DHT crash when Mainline clients were present

--- 2007-09-06: Version 1.7.3 (build 4470)
- Change: Returned to listview for addtorrent dialog
- Change: Always activate other instances of uTorrent, even if they were started with /HIDE or /MINIMIZE
- Change: do not let missing or unwanted pieces prevent endgame
- Change: improve compatability with Mainline DHT
- Change: DHT port message implementation
- Fix: Tentative fix for "Proxy for peer-to-peer connections" functionality if disabled
- Fix: Divide-by-zero crash in statistics
- Fix: Smarter guessing of whether to replace run on startup registry key in case user wants to modify it
- Fix: Hang when deleting files
- Fix: sending in cookie with rss feed item requests

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